Wednesday, July 8, 2015


July 6, 2016

Hi family 

Wassup. That Fourth of July party is my dream. Sounds like fun. Fo sho. 

This week was normal. Missionary work and all that jazz. Good stuff. 

So on Wednesday we had district meeting and sister Galicia made the whole district wear black because she said it was my "funeral" because it was my last district meeting. So they all did. Crazies. I didn't have black so I did my own thing. Anyways afterwards we went to Farrell's for lunch which is just this cute little restaurant that's 20's themed I guess. But not like the crazy skanky 20's, like the piano music and funny hats kinda thing. Anyways, my companion told them it was my birthday so they sang to me. Good times. 

This week we got some cool new investigators. One is this cute young mom with two little girls and she seems pretty interested actually. She understood everything we taught really really well. Even when we were teaching about Adam and Eve, which is a hard concept for most of our investigators. But yeah she is cool. We are hopping to get a baptismal date this week. We have another cool guy who is part of a non member family. And both his daughters want to get baptized and he said he would consider it too. Fingers crossed. 

So the Fourth of July was so fun! We got to be in a parade! We Just carried flags and marched down the streets of Anaheim hills. It was not but a ton of fun! I didn't even get sunburned. Power of sunscreen. They made us all be back to our apartments at 7 pm. So we finished weekly planning and luckily we live across the street from the Angel stadium and we have pretty great view from the roof top. So we had a great firework show for sure. God bless America. 

So I'm not going to write anyone next week so no one write me. I have to turn in my iPad and am too lazy to actually find a computer and nobody has time for that on transfer Monday's. Just so you know. 

This week though we have a ton going on. We have zone meeting and departing interviews and departing dinner and exchanges and all sorts of crazy little things. It'll be a fun week I'm sure. Sister Galicia and I are determined to work as hard as we can. I mean, we always work hard but I guess there is always room for improvement so this week we are determined to improve. I know I'm going to miss it a ton. So that's sad that it's almost over. But I'm excited to see everyone. Sigh. Mixed feelings for sure. You never think it's going to end but I guess everything comes to an end. Life goes on though right? 

Okay enough of that. Church is true. Missions are amazing. Glad I did mine. 

Love ya! See ya when I see ya. 

4th of July Parade

4th of July Parade

4th of July Parade

My District in black

My District in mourning

My fake birthday!!

Sister Galacia and I determined to work hard and make this the BEST week ever!!!

I love to see the Temple

June 30, 2015

Hey ya'll. yep. You're trunky alright. Man. That's okay I still love you haha.

Okay so this week was good. I feel like we had a lot going on. We went
on two exchanges. Two. Man. It was crazy. It was good though. On
Monday-Tuesday I stayed in Buena Park with Sister Darrington and that
was fun because she is cool and funny. And then on Friday-Saturday I
went to Santa Ana 5 which Sister Osorio, which was good too except I
was kinda sick and so that really put a damper on things. But that's

We sang in sacrament meeting on Sunday for ward conference. It was
pretty good if I do say so myself. They tried to to cancel it but then
we were all "hex no, we actually practiced a lot for this." And so we
begged our way into the program. Success.

Today we went to the temple! Eek it was so good like always. The
celestial room is just so pretty and peaceful! Sad that it's the last
time I'll do it as a missionary. We had to get up so early though to
be there by 6:30. Worth it though.

Last night sister Galicia and I ate Korean bbq so that was good. We
have a bad habit of eating out lately...but I feel like it's justified
because we live about 20 minutes outside of our area so we can't go
home to eat...

We made a "fun calendar" of all the things we need to do in these next
two weeks and boy oh boy we are swamped. We have something everyday.
We will try to remember to take pictures.

Karen got baptized this week!! It was so good we were so happy. And
her grandma was so happy too. It was a good moment for sure. I'm so
happy everything worked out there.

We met a really cool investigator and I love her and we got her on
date for my last Sunday and I was sooo excited..,and now we can't find
her at home and she's going out of town and is "so busy" so now I'm
sad. But that okay. I'll get over it.

Anyways, that was this week, super exciting, I know. Well I love you!
Have a Great week! Love Hermana may







Karen's Baptism

Karen's Baptism


Korean bbq

Monday, June 22, 2015

Life long goal completed!

June 22, 2015

So this week was good.
Last p day we went bowling with the district! It was so fun. I didn't
take pictures though. Shame on me. And we also went on exchanges. I
went to Costa Mesa with sister White and I saw the ocean for the first
time on my mission! And we volunteered at a soup kitchen! Life long
goal completed. It was pretty fun.

This week we didn't teach very much but we sure did do a ton of stuff
with the ward. We had choir practice because we help them with that
and then helped with the ward party and did a dance for it, Haha they
loved it. And we did tons and tons of service and went to a wedding.
Good times this week. Hopefully we will get to do more finding and
teaching this week.

Today we went to the titanic exhibition. It was so cool. I kinda
remember when we did it in Arizona but it was cooler this time around
I think because I was more interested. Remember how they'd give you a
ticket of a real person who was on the titanic? Still do that. It was
cool. First class. Don't worry, my person lived but the boy I ran away
from Paris with sure didn't. Sad times. We were going to get married

We found a cool new investigator who has been taught everything and
could get baptized any day now! Please pray that she will get baptized
soon! Oh and Karen from Garden Grove is going to get baptized this
Sunday! Yay! Can't wait to go.

Our apartment became infested with fruit flies this week so we cleaned
everything out and I went on a Massive killing spree  I'm so good at
it now.

Anyways. I love you! I hope you have a wonderful week!
Love Hermana may

Ward Party

Ward Party

Ward Party

Ward Party

Ward Party


Me and Sister White

Titanic Exhibit

Titanic Exhibit

Titanic Exhibit

Stories at Bedtime

June 15, 2015

What's happened this week you may ask?  Well, I was still a missionary, so that's neat. I'm still a missionary now so that's even cooler.

 Um. Oh. I remember. I had yet another meeting this week.  It was called "Specialized Training for Departing Missionaries" What? Sounds gross right? Well it was. We were first lectured about not being trunky which was fine and then we got an hour and a half lecture on marriage and school and jobs and not falling into sin and going back into the world and habits that we left.  Man, I was sooooo stressed out.  Still don't like to think of it for very long. It made me all worried that I'm at the end of my mission and I'm not sure I've done all I can and stuff like that and then what am I not supposed to go back into when I get home? I don't think I had any nasty habits before the mission. So I'm trying to figure out what I shouldn't do when I go home. Then our president told us to make all sorts of lists like What we want in a future spouse and what our priorities are going to be and stuff like that.  I think it helped a lot of the missionaries by the way they were taking notes, but I think I would have preferred to miss that meeting.  Oh well.   

Then we had zone meeting.  We went to the East zone to help teach it with the zone leaders. They made an outline for all four of us to use but they didn't tell us what they wanted us to teach. So I guess when they felt like they had been talking for too long they'd just look over at us and so we'd start talking and hope something inspiring came out of our mouths haha. It's more fun to just be there for moral support. 

Our cool new Investigator Hugo is doing so good! We asked him to read in the introduction of the Book of Mormon and we came back and read a chapter with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we asked if he had read in it and he said he had a little bit. So I asked him if he would start reading First Nephi and he was all "Well, yeah, I guess I can start it again if you want me to."  Turns out he read all of first Nephi since our last visit. So now he's on to Second Nephi.  Sad thing is that we are passing him over to the YSA sisters.. :/ That's okay I guess as long as he gets baptized!

So we are once again on the hunt for New Investigators.  Good thing we just got training on it huh? And we found cool pictures of Jesus in our apartment this morning so we are excited to hand those out to people.

We are going on exchanges tonight. I'm going to Costa Mesa so I'm excited because I haven't been there before. We've been slacking on exchanges so now we have to do one every week til' the end. Boy oh boy. 

Sister Galicia is my favorite.  She's a cool cat for sure. She tells me stories when we go to sleep. They're fun and she is teaching Korean because she knows a little bit of it. So yeah, I can now say "I don't know" "It's mine" "I said it's mine" "No" and "Yes"  I'm so proud of myself. 

Okay well I think that's it for this week.  I feel I write so much more when I'm on a computer because I can type so much faster than I can touch an I-pad... anywhoo I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
I'll send pictures later probably!
Love Hermana May

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


June 8, 2015

Hey family.
The struggle is real. Writing emails are so hard. I just got hit in
the neck with a volleyball and now my throat hurts. I hate volleyball.
That's okay. 

This week was full of meetings. Sheesh. On Wednesday, we had our sister
training leader meeting, then our sister training leader/zone leader
meeting, then on Thursday we had district meeting, then on Friday we
had mission leadership council which lasted forever but there was good
food so I can't complain. But yeah busy week, but fun so it's all

Sister Galicia made me cut her bangs this week too. Man all my
companions have had me do something haha, I just pray I don't butcher
it every time.

We got a lot of good training about finding people so we are really
excited to keep using it. It's been pretty successful so far but we
still got lots of finding to do. We are excited though to find people
so we can baptize everyone. Whoo! We already got this cool guy named
Hugo on date for my last Sunday here! Eek so excited for him. We have
faith so I'm sure it'll happen.

Oh! Sister Johnson got called to train! Which means I'm a grandma! Yay!

I don't know what else to write.
But I love you all! Have a great week! Love hermana may

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sister Trainer

June 1, 2015

Hi family! Sorry I don't have lots of time. Transfer days are crazy.
Okay well this week was good. I got called as sister training
leader...yeah- not really sure all what they do either besides mission
council and go on exchanges all the time but whateva. I'm in Buena
Park now with sister Galicia! Yay dream companion! I'm so happy!

Other than that sister Howard and I partied all week to celebrate. We
did face masks and painted our nails and ate cookies and ice cream and
all that good stuff.

Oops, didn't mean to send that yet
But that's okay because I don't know what to write you right now.
But I love you! I'll try to send the pictures again.

(mom insert here) Okay, I know she said she was busy and all but WHAT!  No "Love, Hermana May" at the end!!!!    Oh well, she did get in an "I love you and send the pictures!  YAY!! So I will try to overlook it.  :)

Our hike from two weeks ago

Trampoline place we visited for P-Day

Trampoline place

Our cute snail friend.  We gave him a leaf to eat.

I'm a pink nightmare!

The Strawberry festival

we did a blood drive and parked in the managers parking and got passes. We cool. 

Last week at the Elotada with the STL's

Sister Howard and I

Fun with my companion

I got bored one night and cut my bangs.

Sunday, May 31, 2015


May 25, 2015

This week was pretty good. We got stopped twice by some people from other religions just throwing opinions at us. We were standing on the street for twenty minutes while two girls were drowning us in scriptures and all sorts of weird things. It was strange. And so uncomfortable. Hopefully that's not how people feel when we stop them on streets. Fingers crossed. 
But it made me super grateful for the Book of Mormon again, to help us clarify doctrines in the bible that are interpreted so differently by everyone. 

Other than that, we went to the strawberry festivals this week! It's this big carnival thing that they have here in garden grove with rides and food and booths and strawberries obviously. It was so fun. 

A miracle of the week? We stopped by to see a guy we met a week or so ago and before we could knock on his door, the neighbor came to her door and asked,
 "did you call me?" 
"Um...sure." So we started talking to her and she loved it and she is letting us come back this week. We're so excited. 

Another miracle? One of our other investigators got bombarded by some anti stuff and she didn't believe it! And now she likes us  more than ever now. Woot woot. 

Miracle three? Karen's dad is letting her get baptized!!!!!!! Thanks for the prayers and faith! 

One more? I can do a whole pull up on my own now!!!!

 🎶miracles happen🎶

Today we went to the Elotada! It's the Hispanic party my stake does every year for Memorial Day. It was kinda chilly though. Had to put on a sweater. It was good as always though and fun to get to see everyone. Even the president showed up. 

Last night we went to a baptism of this cute little girl who loves us and before the baptism she just ran right up and gave me the biggest hug and says "when I saw the water I just felt something inside of me and I think it was God telling me He is happy for me."  She is so cute. I told her He was so happy for her and He loves her so much. Haha she is adorable. Her little sister cried for ten minutes before the baptism because she was convinced that her sister was going to drown in the font haha. 

Our area is doing well lately. We have been finding a lot more! Yay! And there is a lot of potential. This is the last week of the transfer so we will see what happens. I decided I don't mind if I stay or if I go. Wherever God wants me. Sister Howard and I planned something fun to do everyday this week just in case it's our last one together. We are so excited for JFK day though. We decided a while ago to celebrate every holiday in our calendar, so we've been planning ice cream for a while now. 

I have a lot of pictures to send this week, not because we took a lot, just because I've found all sorts of pictures I never sent . . . 

Okay pues I love you all. Have a great week. Don't die. 
Love hermana may. 
Pictures explanation 
1- the strawberry festival 
2- today at the Elotada with the STL's
3- the hike from last week 
4- we did a blood drive and parked in the managers parking and got passes. We cool. 
5- I'm a pink nightmare 
6- our cute snail friend. We gave him a leaf to eat 

7 and 8- pictures from the trampoline place last transfer. 

Don't see any pictures?  That is because for some reason she never sent them!!!  Yes I am very disappointed as well and plan to tell her so in the very next letter!!!   Hopefully we will get to see them all soon because some of them sound pretty interesting! :)

Wilderness in California

May 17, 2015

This week was pretty good. We had zone conference. There were some
super great talks given. Our mission presidents wife talked about
having charity. I love charity, it's one of my favorite topics I
think. I decided if I accomplish nothing else in my life, I want to be
charitable and that will be enough for me. President Taggart talked
about having more faith to baptize so that is something I'm trying
super hard to work on. Si se puede! Another highlight of zone
conference? Chocolate chip cookies. I've been wanting one of those for
about 5 months. Mmm mmm good.

We went on exchanges again this week. I went to the YSA ward. They had
a baptism of this kid who has been through so much. He was soooo
excited. It was so fun to see. I got roped into playing the piano. I
just walked in the room and this one elder goes "hey sister may, you
know how to play the piano. . ." Ay ay ay. One song I don't think
anyone had heard of besides the guy who wrote it, but I persevered.

Let's see . . . Sister Howard and I are avid David Archuleta fans now.
Even though I'm still not sure how to spell his name and we only have
2 random songs, he's our favorite. Fan girls for life.

Our investigator Karina is still progressing really quickly! We just
need her to come to church. But hopefully she can be baptized soon.
And Karen. Man they are both so close. Pray for a miracle for us. That
would be just swell.

Today we went hiking! Who knew there was nature in Southern
California? We hiked a round trip of 14 miles to some waterfall that
was dried up...but it was fun nonetheless. We had to do a bit of rock
climbing to get there. Not actually rock climbing but there were some
pretty massive boulders stacked on top of each other that we had to
climb. I don't know if that counts. Hopefully not because that's
against the rules . . . But I was innocent, I didn't know rocks would
be involved. But we made it and we were all so proud of ourselves. I
will be sore tomorrow, I am sure of it.

I feel like these get shorter and shorter every week. Sorry mom. I
still love y'all.
Have a great week!
Love sister may

Day after Mother's Day

May 11, 2015

Hey family. It was a lot of fun to see you all and get to talk to you.
I'm not sure what to say either...we got more flowers this week. There
was a Mother's Day party with loud music. We ran a blood drive
thing...we like making cold chocolate. Hot chocolate but cold instead.
Yum. I'll send a picture of these cute girls we are teaching. They're

Yeep. I love you!

Spider Sanctuary

May 4, 2015

This week was just dandy! Sister Howard and I committed to live the word of wisdom more fully. So we are drinking so much water and trying to eat all of our food groups every day and avoid sugar ... Except for twice a week. It's hard, but I've sure felt a whole lot better. I feel like I have so much more energy and I feel a lot happier too. Yay for the word of wisdom blessings! And now I feel more ambitious to do more active things. Like what? Like rock climbing. So excited. 

So last week before we started our whole word of wisdom shebang we bought hotdogs to see if we liked them now. So we roasted them over our stove and that was half the fun. And we do like them, so much changes on your mission...and your food standards kind of lower too. But don't worry we will eat our hotdogs sparingly. 

We finally got a member referral.  Only took 6 months. But we are sooo happy because this girl is awesome she is super prepared and we are teaching her in the members home and now she already has a fellowshipper and some one to answer her questions. Missionary work at its finest. Investigators progress sooooooo much faster when they're referred to us by their friends. So don't be shy to share the gospel. 

We visited a less active this week and he told us he decided to go to a different church and not visit him anymore. We were so sad. I've been working with this guy for 7 months.  But luckily right afterwards we went over to Dante (the one I told you about last week) and he was so nice and really understood and took in what we taught. And then he fed us. He bought three large boxes of pizza just for us. Holy moly, I was so full. He kept putting slices of pizza by threes onto our plates. Then he gave us chicken wings and then cake. And I wasn't hungry again for a very long time. We got a return appointment for a later time and told him we were going to bring  a member. So we figured we were safe from getting fed another second dinner. Wrong. He bought us KFC. Luckily we served our selves this time but he still made us take home the left overs haha. At least we know he likes us. 

AND another less active family came to church finally! It took so much work but they came. We were smiling the whole day long. 

Our apartment was invaded this week. Probably because it got hot but we had weird creepy unknown bugs and spiders all over the place. They broke the treaty we made long ago. We gave the bugs and spiders the back patio and decided we wouldn't kill them as long as they stayed there. But now? We probably still won't kill them because we're too scared to go on the porch but they will be killed if they come inside again. 

Well that's all I can remember so far about this week. I love you! Can't wait to talk to you! 
Love hermana May 

at church we gave the elders some cake and drinks we got from someone the day before and this is how we found it in the fridge. haha