Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MTC Week 2

Hey Family!!

How goes it?  Whats new?  I'm still a missionary so that's pretty neat.  Glad things seem to be going well. 

I forgot my sunscreen.  Now I will have ugly skin when I'm old :(  Um . . . I forgot other stuff too but I cant remember what now.  

Well here's whats been happening with my week!

So the CCM president is President Pratt and because he is cool his great, great grandfather was Parley P Pratt.   Just thought you should know.   Another thing you should know: The sunsets in Mexico are off the hook.  Me gusta.  Seriously. So, so, so, so pretty.  I'm sad I can't take pictures of them all the time.  It's ridiculous.  Oh and sometimes this place stinks like sewerage.  Gross.  Only sometimes.  It's pretty nasty. 

Because the CCM likes to get rid of us quickly they count our first few days here as week one so guess what? I'm already week 3. BAM.  Be jealous.  I only have three more P days here.  Ca-razy, I know. 

Um the food here is kinda getting old.  I'll send a picture of what they served for breakfast this morning . . . every Sunday for breakfast they serve us hoagies.  Is that how you spell that?  Ya know, sandwiches.  I just usually stick with cornpops on those days.  I have discovered a heavenly sandwich.  Nutella and Peanut butter.  Together.  On one sandwich.  Try it.  Try it now. 

Okay so Spanish is still pretty hard but that's okay.  I understood almost all of sacrament meeting this week!!  GO JACKIE!!! Given they were speaking pretty basic words and rather slowly, but it's still a feat nonetheless.  

Life Long Goal:  Be in a church movie.  that would be sick. 

Um, the power goes out quite a bit here . . . I think it's because they like to dig up the sidewalks here lately.   

Okay so yesterday was the worst day I've had so far.  I don't even know what is was but I was sooo tired and I couldn't remember like any Spanish and I just wanted to cry the whole day and it was just awful.  The devil was just pounding on me and making me feel like I wasn't good enough.  It sucked so bad.  But apparently most of my district was feeling the same way.  So at night time we all got blessings!!!  All ten of us.  All the boys got to give a blessing too so that was neat.  It made all of us feel so much better.  So hopefully that doesn't happen again for a while.  I'll pray. 

Holy Hannah.  Being a missionary would be soooooo much easier if I was English speaking.  It's so frustrating when you feel the spirit and you know what you need to say but you have no idea how to say it.  Seriously.  We study in the classroom I think 12 hours a day.  It's pretty tiring.  

Anywhoo.  Other than the language I'm good.  Still love my comp.  She's still pretty neat.  She let's me quote her movies and youtube videos even when she doesn't know what I'm talking about so that's pretty nice of her.  

Oh Davis, there are a ton of people here going to Nicaragua.  For real.  I think at least 6 in my zone.  I think they're all going North and you went South right?  Anyways, they ask my questions about Nicaragua sometimes, so I usually pretend like I know the answers and just tell them something.   

Yeep, so that's been my week!!  It's soooo nice to hear from everyone.  I miss you guys and love you all!!!  You're the best!!  Have a good week :)

Love Hermana May 

 MVP of Volleyball!

 Awesome t-shirt


 What they served for breakfast

 My street

 Be jealous of our dry cleaners

My comp (whose hair I cut)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Week in the MTC

(I should probably preface that the e-mail we got from Jackie...I mean Hermana May...when she first reached the MTC said her companion didn't show up/wasn't on any of the flights hence the reference to her at the beginning.)

Okay, so this is what went down this week.

My companion showed up around midnight.  She is cute and I like her.  Her name is Hermana Page and we  joke a ton so that is fun.  She is from Washington and is going to North Carolina.  I still haven't found anyone who is going to Anaheim.  And I think I might have to fly outta here all alone.  The first few days were kinda weird because we didn't have a set schedule but now it's life on the regs.  So we study a ton and try to learn a ton of Spanish haha.  I think I'm doing alright with it.  I have my missionary purpose memorized in Spanish, I can pray in Spanish, I can bare my testimony, and make a tiny bit of small talk.  It's coming along I think.  I know way more than last week haha.  

So on Friday we had to teach our first lesson in Spanish.  Oh heck that was crazy.  I was kind nervous.  Hermana Page and I just wrote down everything we were going to say in Spanish and then read the lesson haha.  The next lesson was a bit better.  We just took in our Spanish phrase book and read off of that ha.  But Geez Louise!  Yesterday's lesson was AMAZING!!  We decided we would just try to rely on the Lord and that he would help us be able to teach in Spanish and understand our investigator and we wouldn't write down anything we wanted to say except for a few questions so we did that.  Before we went in we had to practice teaching in Spanish with a missionary who was about to leave and it was horrible.  Seriously.  We couldn't remember any Spanish and it was so bad and we got so, so stressed.  So then our teacher told us to take a break so we went outside and prayed so hard then went back in and our teacher said that we needed to trust that the Lord would help us in our minds and our hearts.  So we went in there and did our best to have faith and we totally understood most of what he was saying and we could answer his questions in Spanish.  He asked us about the Urimm and Thummin . . . hard to answer in English, let alone Spanish, but I answered it in Spanish and he understood!!  Yay Jackie!!  Then we taught about repentance and baptism and the spirit so was crazy strong and I bore my testimony in Spanish and almost started to cry and then we asked if he would get baptized and he said YES!!!  We were sooooo happy, it was nuts!!   We were so happy.  Geez this program works as long as you have faith.  

I love it here!  I like it more and more everyday.  Sometimes I get homesick in the mornings a bit but it usually goes away pretty quick. 

Um . . . the food is alright.  Its not too bad haha, I eat it.  Everything tastes a little bit different here but that's okay.  There's always cereal haha.  I had hot chocolate this morning and it was way weird.  They put some weird spices in there but they have Nutella!!  :)  Makes us happy. 

My district is pretty cool.  I like them.  Sometimes we joke around too much and don't study . . . but we are getting better.  My roommates are cool too.  They aren't in our zone but that's okay it's fun to listen to how their day is and stuff.  

We live in a house that has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, laundry room . . . it's pretty nice.  Our rooms are big but our closets are TINY. I'll send pictures of it next week probably.  We are only allowed to take pictures on P-day apparently.  Dumb.  Oh well, things will be different in my mission hopefully ha.  

The hispanic missionaries here are so so so nice.  I like them.  We made friends with this one companionship and they only speak Spanish but that's alright.  The first time we met them one of the sisters told me I was so pretty so then every time we saw them after that she called me muñecha. (think that's how it's spelled)  which means doll.  But they left yesterday so that was sad.  I liked them a lot.  

I got a Valentines day card from Sundy so tell her thank you!!

I'll send pictures if I have time.  

Love Hermana May

(apparently she did have time)

Monday, February 10, 2014

So Long, Farewell

Yay!  It’s finally here!!  One more full day and I’m outta here!
Four months is worth the wait, luckily.

So yesterday was my farewell!!  It went well from what I am told and I like the believe my family and friends are honest people, so I’m going to say it went well.  It was actually a cool experience, giving my talk.  I felt the spirit a lot, which was good since I prayed to Heavenly Father all that day and asked to just help me feel the spirit and to help me bring the spirit to those around me.  So really, it all went well because of Heavenly Father. 

So here are some pictures from the big day and some of the people who came to eat some delicious Café Rio food that my beautiful, sweet mother made after the meeting ended!!