Saturday, August 30, 2014


Sorry it has been a while since we last posted Sister May's e-mails!  Life has been crazy, but we are settling down now and the last 5 weeks have been posted.  Just an FYI.

Lots of crazy things happening this week. On Monday, after zone
activity, sister Schobert and I hoped in the car all ready to go home.
We were in some park in Costa Mesa. I was like, "I'm sure I kind find
the freeway from here! It'll be an adventure, I'm good at directions"
boy oh boy was I wrong.  So we wandered for a while. I failed to
remember that there are many freeways in California. Was I supposed so
get on the 5 the 22, the 405, the 55, or the 75? I just didn't know. I
used common sense and didn't on the 75 because I was pretty sure that
one took us out of the mission, the 22 to long beach was north, I was
thought we needed to go south, and i didn't know where the heck any of
the other freeway entrances were. So we wandered a little more. Then I
was worried because Costa Mesa is one of the boarders if our small
mission. What if I had wandered outside of our mission? That's not
allowed. So I turned around and called our district leader. Some
people think just because it's their birthday they can take a break
from answering their phones. Or you, know it was just on silence.
Either way he didn't answer. So I called the zone leaders.
- hi, this is Elder Harvey
- hi this is sister May. I am so lost. I have no clue where I am.
- what street are you on?
- uh, Bear I think?
- um...okay hold on. (in the back ground: it's sister May, she's lost)
- hi, sister May, this elder Burrup, are you lost?
- I am so, so lost.
Luckily elder Burrup knows Costa Mesa really well. And they have a
GPS. So we pulled over, they found us and lead us to the freeway. It
was the 55 south I wanted. So they led me back to Bristol street. "Do
you know how to get to your apartment from Bristol?" -_-  bristol. Is
like three streets away from where we live. I may have been lost, but
I wasn't that lost. Sheesh!

Anyways on Wednesday we had zone conference. I was chosen to lead the
music, they first wanted me to play piano and I was like ehhh I'll
lead. So I get in on the stage to start leading and the sweet sister
playing the piano had no idea how to play any if the songs we were
supposed to sing. So I switched her last minute, so I guess I had to
play piano anyways.
Zone conference was good though. Learned some good stuff. Lunch was
good because I got to sit by all my missionary friends! Sister Galicia
and jones and both my old district leaders elder Thorne and elder
pace. It was so fun. We laughed a lot. My twin was lame though and sat
at a different table. I was still real excited to him though.

And on Saturday we went in exchanges. It was fun, sister huelet came
down here and we ate everything bad for us all day long, big ol
hamburgers, cookies, ice cream.  It was fun to talk to her. We had a
good day and the YSA elders passed us this really cool investigator.
She'll get baptized. Just you wait.

So we texted the Vilchis family, you know, the ones who couldn't be
baptized because they were moving to Utah? Well we asked them how Utah
and was and they were like, oh, we aren't in Utah yet. We are still in
California. So mad. They haven't even come to church! Geez, these

Sunday there was a baptism. We sang a song and stuff and then there
were tamales afterwards! Mmm. AND one of our investigators showed up
to the baptism. I was so happy.  She'll get baptized too. Don't even

Nada mas really. Unfortunately I don't think anything exciting is
happening in the next week so we shall see what happens. Hope you all
are doing well. Love you all!

Love Hermana May

Mission Life Day by Day

So my whole was kinda up and down.

Let's go day by day shall we?

So Monday: we had to play volleyball for zone activity. Gross. But I
decided to be a good sport and play anyways. Probably won't happen
again for another long time down the road. I'm so bad at it. And it
hurts. You just know it's really bad that whenever a part of your body
touches the ball you're whole zone gets real proud of you and cheers.
"Good job sister May!" Or when they start calling the ball for you.
"Sister May's got this one!" Or when they make you serve a bunch of
times because you can't get it over the net, don't worry though,
eventually they'll just say, "you can just throw it over the net
Hermana May."  -_-

Tuesday: Tuesday was great because it was sisters meeting! Or as we
like to call it "princess party"  it's where all of the sisters in the
whole mission meet and eat and talk and have president and his wife
and some other lovely people give talks. This time it was all about
how great we are and inner beauty and don't compare yourself kinda
thing. Good times.

Wednesday: We had district meeting, ate Greek food for district lunch.
Had to drive all over irvine because some people in our zone don't
understand what "follow me" means and end up at a different
restaurant. Sheesh. But the food was good. Sister Noel had her
departing Interview so we hung out at the office for a bit.  There I
got some t shirts! Which is great because I forgot to pack t shirts
when packing for my mission which makes it a little bit difficult to
work out and sleep. But I got two new ones! And now it appears that I
am a LSU fan. Woot woot. Go tigers? That's probably their mascot. We
also went to Costa Mesa to teach one last lesson to one of sister
Noel's converts. It was a good time. And we took Nelly out finding
with us . . . And also to Yogurtland. Have I told you guys about

Thursday: We dropped sister Noel off at the office so President could
take her to the airport so she could go home and stop being a
missionary. It was real sad. We both cried a ton. But President gave
me a blessing so that was good. The rest of the week has been so slow
since she left. Come back.

Friday: um . . . We weekly planned, studied, ate food, Helped the
Galvan family try to learn A Child's Prayer. Haha so funny.

Saturday: that was a rough day. No one was home. I don't care what
preach my gospel says, Saturdays are the hardest days to find people
at home here. They're always at the beach or with their friends or
visiting their family in riverside, or partying, or who knows where
they are. But it's not home. We met some drunk guy who kept creeping
on me. Told me how pretty I was and then kept asking where I lived.
Stranger danger. Don't worry I didn't tell him. Never been happier to
go to bed then I was that night.

Sunday: honestly between church, ward council, food appointments, and
studying, there was no time for anything else. We didn't even finish
the things we were supposed to do. Bad trainer, I know. The bishop
told us we should pass one of our investigators over to the elders. He
and some of the ward members are concerned for our safety. Kinda sad
but I guess better safe than sorry.

Monday: P-day!  But for real, p-day is not as relaxing or preparatory
as you'd hope. You get up, clean, study, write home, grocery shop,
wash the car go to zone activity (better not be volleyball again) then
get back to work. No time on Pday. I need a Pday or my Pday. That's

So that was my week. Oh the life oh a missionary. I know so
interesting. But if no one else liked my email, at least I know that
mom probably did. You're the best mom.

Its my favorite Sisters Birthday this week!! birthday shoutout to the
bestest sister in the whole wide world. Your so old. Happy birthday!

Okay well love you family. You're great. Have a great week. Love
y'all. I'll be praying for you guys and for grandpa.

Love Hermana May

Farewell Hna Noel

Okay so my week . . .

Oh boy. Some stuff will just be shared after the mission I think.

So mad. So we had is great family we were teaching. They were supposed
to be baptized a few weeks ago but they decided to push it back to the
tenth. So Wednesday we go over to their house and are like "you
excited for your baptism on Sunday?" And they're like "we are moving
to Utah tomorrow." Whaaaa? Geez Louise. So we were like. "Well we can
have a baptism tomorrow before you leave!" "No that's okay. We will
just wait."  Wasn't very happy with that family. All the time you
spend trying to help people be happier and they just don't want it.

Um. Wow this week. Don't even know what to say. We went finding on the
sketchy-it's street we can find in our area. It has it's own reserved
spot for the police haha. But apparently the gang people respect the
missionaries there so we cool.

What else, bought pizza this week.

Sister Noel goes home in Thursday morning. Her mom is very excited.
Posts a countdown on Facebook everyday. Yep. We're friends. I'm going
to be sad when she goes. Maybe president will let us drop her off at
the airport because it's in our zone. We will see.

Okay boring email. Yet again. Boy oh boy. I'll try harder to make
mentionable adventures.

Love y'all. Peace out.

Love Hermana May

Quiero compartir mi santa cena

Okay so my week.

So funny thing. On Tuesday, before I picked up my trainee sister Noel
and I had lunch at a members house. We show up and she goes "oh I
forgot you were coming!" She is an old lady who kinda hobbles around
but is endearing. So she tells us to sit in the couch and says "I'm
just going to heat up the chicken" but instead on going to the kitchen
she walks out the front door. She we sit on her couch, feeling
confused. And half an hour later she walks back in with a smile and
KFC haha. We laughed a lot.

So then we go to the mission home to grab my "baby". Her name is
Hermana Schobert. However, she is Hispanic! That was an answer to my
prayers I can assure you. Now she can teach me more Spanish And I
don't have to try to teach her! Woot woot. She speaks Spanish better
than English actually so there's kind of a language barrier. But she
is sweet.

So we go home and we have a little bit of time to let her start
unpacking and she starts telling us about herself. So her first name
is in the Book of Mormon, so we read the verse it's in and sister Noel
goes "that's sick!" As in cool, awesome, etc. so then she goes "it's
to throw up?" Haha it was funny. Stuff like that happens a lot. She
doesn't really understand my jokes or puns either so she just probably
thinks I'm weird haha. Whateva.

The Lord loves me guys! It rained in Saturday night! Sprinkled really.
But it was exciting. I've been waiting to see rain since I got here.
Sister Noel and I were so excited we jutted jumped around in the
church parking lot. Sister Schobert didn't think it was anything
special. But just you wait sister Schobert, just you wait.

So remember when I told you about our bishops daughters testimony?
Yesterday in testimony meeting she got up to share it again. She
starts off saying "quiero compartir mi santa cena." Translation: I
want to share my sacrament. We all laughed. She keeps the ward awake
and entertained.  Good for her.

Training is going alright. It's a challenge but I'm doing my best so I
guess that's all I can do. We will see how it all goes. Missionary
work is the same as usual. Be member missionaries people. God will
bless. Oh speaking of blessings I finally feel like I'm getting the
hang of Spanish. Go sister May! Your prayers are paying off parents.
Keep praying please. I'm even using subjunctive now, so that's what's
up. Don't get too jealous. Jokes.

Okay well I love you all! You're great. Be holy and whatnot.

Love Hermana May


Okay so my week was kinda crazy. Kinda

So we went Laser Tagging last Pday and not to brag or anything but I
got third place out if my whole zone. So I was born to be a spy.
That's what's up. And I also ate Indian food that day. It was a good
Pday. Oh and we went to the eye doctor. And I found some nancy drew
glasses. Too bad I don't need glasses.

Um so then the rest of the week was just full of missionary work, you
know: finds, stalking, teaching, planning, that kind of thing. But
then on Thursday we got a call from President Taggart.
Him: hi is sister May there
Me: his president
Him: hi sister may. I'd like to extend the call of trainer to you for
a new sister that is coming in next week. Will you accept this call?
Me: ... Um ... Sure.


I'd be excited if I wasn't too busy freaking out. I just got out here.
I don't even know a ton of Spanish. How am I supposed to help a new
missionary learn Spanish? I just hope she's not too disappointed. So
yeah. I'm let nervous.

So, as predicted I'm staying in Santa Ana 11 until at least November
so I can train this sucker. But I'm cool with it. I like it here.
Luckily sister Noel will be here for two more weeks so she can help my
trainee with Spanish a bit before she splits. Yikes. I pick her up
tomorrow. Pray for me family. Pray real hard because I'm going to need

Other than that, as far as transfers goes, sister Vargas is now gone,
pretty much everybody is whitewashing everywhere, my twin Elder
Dougherty and my District Leader elder pace are both gone now, the new
peeps will come in tomorrow I think. Crazy times.

This morning we went to I-hop as a last district hoorah before
transfers at 11 so that was fun.  Other than that not much else
happened. We taught a Facebook class on Sunday. It was kind of a flop.
Share the gospel on Facebook people. Why? Because the prophet said so,
that's why.

Okay well that's pretty much all for this week. Y'all are pretty
awesome. Love you!

Love Hermana May