Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wilderness in California

May 17, 2015

This week was pretty good. We had zone conference. There were some
super great talks given. Our mission presidents wife talked about
having charity. I love charity, it's one of my favorite topics I
think. I decided if I accomplish nothing else in my life, I want to be
charitable and that will be enough for me. President Taggart talked
about having more faith to baptize so that is something I'm trying
super hard to work on. Si se puede! Another highlight of zone
conference? Chocolate chip cookies. I've been wanting one of those for
about 5 months. Mmm mmm good.

We went on exchanges again this week. I went to the YSA ward. They had
a baptism of this kid who has been through so much. He was soooo
excited. It was so fun to see. I got roped into playing the piano. I
just walked in the room and this one elder goes "hey sister may, you
know how to play the piano. . ." Ay ay ay. One song I don't think
anyone had heard of besides the guy who wrote it, but I persevered.

Let's see . . . Sister Howard and I are avid David Archuleta fans now.
Even though I'm still not sure how to spell his name and we only have
2 random songs, he's our favorite. Fan girls for life.

Our investigator Karina is still progressing really quickly! We just
need her to come to church. But hopefully she can be baptized soon.
And Karen. Man they are both so close. Pray for a miracle for us. That
would be just swell.

Today we went hiking! Who knew there was nature in Southern
California? We hiked a round trip of 14 miles to some waterfall that
was dried up...but it was fun nonetheless. We had to do a bit of rock
climbing to get there. Not actually rock climbing but there were some
pretty massive boulders stacked on top of each other that we had to
climb. I don't know if that counts. Hopefully not because that's
against the rules . . . But I was innocent, I didn't know rocks would
be involved. But we made it and we were all so proud of ourselves. I
will be sore tomorrow, I am sure of it.

I feel like these get shorter and shorter every week. Sorry mom. I
still love y'all.
Have a great week!
Love sister may

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