Monday, June 22, 2015

Stories at Bedtime

June 15, 2015

What's happened this week you may ask?  Well, I was still a missionary, so that's neat. I'm still a missionary now so that's even cooler.

 Um. Oh. I remember. I had yet another meeting this week.  It was called "Specialized Training for Departing Missionaries" What? Sounds gross right? Well it was. We were first lectured about not being trunky which was fine and then we got an hour and a half lecture on marriage and school and jobs and not falling into sin and going back into the world and habits that we left.  Man, I was sooooo stressed out.  Still don't like to think of it for very long. It made me all worried that I'm at the end of my mission and I'm not sure I've done all I can and stuff like that and then what am I not supposed to go back into when I get home? I don't think I had any nasty habits before the mission. So I'm trying to figure out what I shouldn't do when I go home. Then our president told us to make all sorts of lists like What we want in a future spouse and what our priorities are going to be and stuff like that.  I think it helped a lot of the missionaries by the way they were taking notes, but I think I would have preferred to miss that meeting.  Oh well.   

Then we had zone meeting.  We went to the East zone to help teach it with the zone leaders. They made an outline for all four of us to use but they didn't tell us what they wanted us to teach. So I guess when they felt like they had been talking for too long they'd just look over at us and so we'd start talking and hope something inspiring came out of our mouths haha. It's more fun to just be there for moral support. 

Our cool new Investigator Hugo is doing so good! We asked him to read in the introduction of the Book of Mormon and we came back and read a chapter with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we asked if he had read in it and he said he had a little bit. So I asked him if he would start reading First Nephi and he was all "Well, yeah, I guess I can start it again if you want me to."  Turns out he read all of first Nephi since our last visit. So now he's on to Second Nephi.  Sad thing is that we are passing him over to the YSA sisters.. :/ That's okay I guess as long as he gets baptized!

So we are once again on the hunt for New Investigators.  Good thing we just got training on it huh? And we found cool pictures of Jesus in our apartment this morning so we are excited to hand those out to people.

We are going on exchanges tonight. I'm going to Costa Mesa so I'm excited because I haven't been there before. We've been slacking on exchanges so now we have to do one every week til' the end. Boy oh boy. 

Sister Galicia is my favorite.  She's a cool cat for sure. She tells me stories when we go to sleep. They're fun and she is teaching Korean because she knows a little bit of it. So yeah, I can now say "I don't know" "It's mine" "I said it's mine" "No" and "Yes"  I'm so proud of myself. 

Okay well I think that's it for this week.  I feel I write so much more when I'm on a computer because I can type so much faster than I can touch an I-pad... anywhoo I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
I'll send pictures later probably!
Love Hermana May

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