Friday, September 19, 2014

Doctor's visit

September 15, 2014

This week was good luckily. I mean, not too much happened but that's
alright.  Sister Galicia and sister Jones are still fun. We have
matching pajamas . . . And Sister Jones and I wear each other's
clothes so it's fun to get dressed in the morning again.
We went into Irvine to find a little bit. Not really sure why because
it's as white as it gets but I guess a change of scenery is fun too

On Friday I had my doctors appointment, which was fine. The nurse
tried to talk to me in Spanish. I tried to talk back. She assured me
that I would learn before I went Home.
Anywhoo the doctor said that I was probably fine and that they'd do
some blood work and give me an EKG. And I don't know anything about
EKGs or hearts but the ups and downs in the monitor looked pretty
normal so I think I'm good. The next day they drew blood and now I
have a big ol bruise in my arm. So that's cool. They also gave me some
meds but I haven't taken them yet. He said they could make me more
fatigued. And I've already been sooo exhausted his week. I mean, I fell
asleep during personal study and I haven't done that since my first
week in the mission . . . But I'll take the pills tomorrow.

We also went on exchanges this week. First time for them, second time
for me. This time I was with sister Pratt and sister Jones. We stayed
in my kinda new area. It was fun. Not superproductive because we had a
ton of errands to run but that's okay. We also had a temple tour!

A temple tour is when we bring investigators and recent converts and
anyone else who wants to come to the Newport Beach temple and we walk
them around the grounds and tell them random little things about the
temple and explain what we can about what happens on the inside. It
was good. So so so hot. Seriously I keep hearing all these things about how
cool Utah and other places are right now and it's still 90's over
here. Ay ay ay. Anywhoo. The temple tour was really good. The spirit
is real strong at the temple so hopefully the investigators were able
to feel that. And there were cookies at the end of it. Mmm mmm good.

Other than that life was pretty normal. We slept over at the Santa Ana
apartments so we could get everything out and cleaned and moved off of
the carpets because they want to clean those today.

We met a cool guy yesterday. Now he is a new investigator. His name is
Sergio. I don't know why I thought he was so cool, but he definitely
was. I think a trio full of girls intimidates people. We knocked on a
door the other day and this guy opened the door and was like "whoa"
then he looked kind of nervous. Scare them into the gospel.

Last week of the transfer. This has been the longest transfer ever.
Literally. It's been eight weeks. Ay. I'm ready for the next one.
Guess next week I'll have all the details in my new area and
companion. Or maybe I'll go back to my old area and keep one of these
companions. Who knows, who knows.

Okay well have a good week and stay healthy and stuff.
Love Hermana May

Temple Tour

Jurassic Park Jeep!!

Yellow Watermelon...Yum!


This week was crazy. My trainee Sister Schobert made the choice to go
home so on Friday  morning we got a call from President and he told us
that she would be leaving the next morning. So we spent most of the
day packing and cleaning up our apartment. So the next morning we
drove to the mission office and rode with President and Sister Taggart
to the airport. They told me I'd be spending the last two weeks
of our eight week transfer with the other sisters in my district,
Sister Galicia and Sister Jones and I love them and sister Galicia and
I have talked about how we are going to be companions one day since
our first transfer here so that was neat. So now I'm in a trio. Third
trio in the mission. And I'm also living in Tustin now instead of
Santa Ana.

On Saturday we had our Dia de Espanidad. It's a huge stake activity
where all the Spanish wards get together and party in the church
parking lot. Every ward makes some kind of authentic food and there's
lots of dancing from different countries. It was cool because you get
to see all the missionaries in the Spanish program and investigators
and ward members and stuff. And you get free food for being a
missionary and what not so that's cool. Pretty special. It was so hot,
 I think I almost melted to death.

So on Sunday night, we were like, "hey, let's go sleep in the Santa
Ana apartment because there's a washer and dryer there!" And sister
Taggart said we could so we had permission and it's in our area since
we are now covering their area and my area . . . So we did it. We
pulled all of ours mattresses down from the beds and put them all in
the living room right next to each other so we can have a sleep over!
It was fun. Anywhoo so that night because we have electronic area
books we have to go get wifi to sync so our numbers reach Salt Lake
and our mission president.  So right down the street from our
apartment in Santa Ana there's a Starbucks that you can just stand
across the street from and use their wifi for a minute to get it done.
So I've been doing that every Sunday night for my whole mission. So we
walk out there and try to get internet but then there was this guy
high as a kite standing about seven feet away from us staring creepily
at us. So we decided to go back to the apartment and call our
district leader and go sync with them when they could because they
live in the same apartment complex as us.
So we waited about an hour until they called and said they were
waiting for us outside. So we go down and they're talking to these
really nice people about church stuff and then up walks this  guy in a
swimming suit and beer cooler in two hands and starts making fun of us and the
people we are talking too. And it wasn't a big deal because it happens
and whatnot and this guy was SOOOO drunk that he just didn't even have
So we just smile politely and try to leave, then these two drunk girls
come up and one of them comes up behind the elders and puts her arms
around them and they moved real quick and then she just starts going
at it swearing and saying awful inappropriate things and then the
drunk guy joins in too and it was pretty scary. They were both sooo
far gone. So every time we tried to leave they would follow us. After
a few minutes we just decide to walk really quick and get out of
there. So the guy starts chasing us screaming and cussing at us and so
our district leader just turned around and held out his hand and was
like "stop!" And they did. They stopped screaming, and stopped chasing
us. It was cool. We all felt like The Lord had definitely protected
us. So we decided not to go outside, not to sync there anymore. But we
still have to be outside after dark because we have to be obedient and
work and all but I think we will all be fine.
Bottom line: drugs and alcohol are stupid. They lose control and they
make you do silly things. Stay away!!

Anyways . . .
That was the excitement of the week. I'm really happy to be in this
companionship. They're really great and I think that we will have lot
of fun together and accomplish some amazing things!

Okay well have a great week family. I love you!!
Love Hermana May

 New Companionship

Slumber Party!!
Dia de Espanidad