Monday, June 22, 2015

Life long goal completed!

June 22, 2015

So this week was good.
Last p day we went bowling with the district! It was so fun. I didn't
take pictures though. Shame on me. And we also went on exchanges. I
went to Costa Mesa with sister White and I saw the ocean for the first
time on my mission! And we volunteered at a soup kitchen! Life long
goal completed. It was pretty fun.

This week we didn't teach very much but we sure did do a ton of stuff
with the ward. We had choir practice because we help them with that
and then helped with the ward party and did a dance for it, Haha they
loved it. And we did tons and tons of service and went to a wedding.
Good times this week. Hopefully we will get to do more finding and
teaching this week.

Today we went to the titanic exhibition. It was so cool. I kinda
remember when we did it in Arizona but it was cooler this time around
I think because I was more interested. Remember how they'd give you a
ticket of a real person who was on the titanic? Still do that. It was
cool. First class. Don't worry, my person lived but the boy I ran away
from Paris with sure didn't. Sad times. We were going to get married

We found a cool new investigator who has been taught everything and
could get baptized any day now! Please pray that she will get baptized
soon! Oh and Karen from Garden Grove is going to get baptized this
Sunday! Yay! Can't wait to go.

Our apartment became infested with fruit flies this week so we cleaned
everything out and I went on a Massive killing spree  I'm so good at
it now.

Anyways. I love you! I hope you have a wonderful week!
Love Hermana may

Ward Party

Ward Party

Ward Party

Ward Party

Ward Party


Me and Sister White

Titanic Exhibit

Titanic Exhibit

Titanic Exhibit

Stories at Bedtime

June 15, 2015

What's happened this week you may ask?  Well, I was still a missionary, so that's neat. I'm still a missionary now so that's even cooler.

 Um. Oh. I remember. I had yet another meeting this week.  It was called "Specialized Training for Departing Missionaries" What? Sounds gross right? Well it was. We were first lectured about not being trunky which was fine and then we got an hour and a half lecture on marriage and school and jobs and not falling into sin and going back into the world and habits that we left.  Man, I was sooooo stressed out.  Still don't like to think of it for very long. It made me all worried that I'm at the end of my mission and I'm not sure I've done all I can and stuff like that and then what am I not supposed to go back into when I get home? I don't think I had any nasty habits before the mission. So I'm trying to figure out what I shouldn't do when I go home. Then our president told us to make all sorts of lists like What we want in a future spouse and what our priorities are going to be and stuff like that.  I think it helped a lot of the missionaries by the way they were taking notes, but I think I would have preferred to miss that meeting.  Oh well.   

Then we had zone meeting.  We went to the East zone to help teach it with the zone leaders. They made an outline for all four of us to use but they didn't tell us what they wanted us to teach. So I guess when they felt like they had been talking for too long they'd just look over at us and so we'd start talking and hope something inspiring came out of our mouths haha. It's more fun to just be there for moral support. 

Our cool new Investigator Hugo is doing so good! We asked him to read in the introduction of the Book of Mormon and we came back and read a chapter with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we asked if he had read in it and he said he had a little bit. So I asked him if he would start reading First Nephi and he was all "Well, yeah, I guess I can start it again if you want me to."  Turns out he read all of first Nephi since our last visit. So now he's on to Second Nephi.  Sad thing is that we are passing him over to the YSA sisters.. :/ That's okay I guess as long as he gets baptized!

So we are once again on the hunt for New Investigators.  Good thing we just got training on it huh? And we found cool pictures of Jesus in our apartment this morning so we are excited to hand those out to people.

We are going on exchanges tonight. I'm going to Costa Mesa so I'm excited because I haven't been there before. We've been slacking on exchanges so now we have to do one every week til' the end. Boy oh boy. 

Sister Galicia is my favorite.  She's a cool cat for sure. She tells me stories when we go to sleep. They're fun and she is teaching Korean because she knows a little bit of it. So yeah, I can now say "I don't know" "It's mine" "I said it's mine" "No" and "Yes"  I'm so proud of myself. 

Okay well I think that's it for this week.  I feel I write so much more when I'm on a computer because I can type so much faster than I can touch an I-pad... anywhoo I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
I'll send pictures later probably!
Love Hermana May

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


June 8, 2015

Hey family.
The struggle is real. Writing emails are so hard. I just got hit in
the neck with a volleyball and now my throat hurts. I hate volleyball.
That's okay. 

This week was full of meetings. Sheesh. On Wednesday, we had our sister
training leader meeting, then our sister training leader/zone leader
meeting, then on Thursday we had district meeting, then on Friday we
had mission leadership council which lasted forever but there was good
food so I can't complain. But yeah busy week, but fun so it's all

Sister Galicia made me cut her bangs this week too. Man all my
companions have had me do something haha, I just pray I don't butcher
it every time.

We got a lot of good training about finding people so we are really
excited to keep using it. It's been pretty successful so far but we
still got lots of finding to do. We are excited though to find people
so we can baptize everyone. Whoo! We already got this cool guy named
Hugo on date for my last Sunday here! Eek so excited for him. We have
faith so I'm sure it'll happen.

Oh! Sister Johnson got called to train! Which means I'm a grandma! Yay!

I don't know what else to write.
But I love you all! Have a great week! Love hermana may

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sister Trainer

June 1, 2015

Hi family! Sorry I don't have lots of time. Transfer days are crazy.
Okay well this week was good. I got called as sister training
leader...yeah- not really sure all what they do either besides mission
council and go on exchanges all the time but whateva. I'm in Buena
Park now with sister Galicia! Yay dream companion! I'm so happy!

Other than that sister Howard and I partied all week to celebrate. We
did face masks and painted our nails and ate cookies and ice cream and
all that good stuff.

Oops, didn't mean to send that yet
But that's okay because I don't know what to write you right now.
But I love you! I'll try to send the pictures again.

(mom insert here) Okay, I know she said she was busy and all but WHAT!  No "Love, Hermana May" at the end!!!!    Oh well, she did get in an "I love you and send the pictures!  YAY!! So I will try to overlook it.  :)

Our hike from two weeks ago

Trampoline place we visited for P-Day

Trampoline place

Our cute snail friend.  We gave him a leaf to eat.

I'm a pink nightmare!

The Strawberry festival

we did a blood drive and parked in the managers parking and got passes. We cool. 

Last week at the Elotada with the STL's

Sister Howard and I

Fun with my companion

I got bored one night and cut my bangs.