Wednesday, July 8, 2015


July 6, 2016

Hi family 

Wassup. That Fourth of July party is my dream. Sounds like fun. Fo sho. 

This week was normal. Missionary work and all that jazz. Good stuff. 

So on Wednesday we had district meeting and sister Galicia made the whole district wear black because she said it was my "funeral" because it was my last district meeting. So they all did. Crazies. I didn't have black so I did my own thing. Anyways afterwards we went to Farrell's for lunch which is just this cute little restaurant that's 20's themed I guess. But not like the crazy skanky 20's, like the piano music and funny hats kinda thing. Anyways, my companion told them it was my birthday so they sang to me. Good times. 

This week we got some cool new investigators. One is this cute young mom with two little girls and she seems pretty interested actually. She understood everything we taught really really well. Even when we were teaching about Adam and Eve, which is a hard concept for most of our investigators. But yeah she is cool. We are hopping to get a baptismal date this week. We have another cool guy who is part of a non member family. And both his daughters want to get baptized and he said he would consider it too. Fingers crossed. 

So the Fourth of July was so fun! We got to be in a parade! We Just carried flags and marched down the streets of Anaheim hills. It was not but a ton of fun! I didn't even get sunburned. Power of sunscreen. They made us all be back to our apartments at 7 pm. So we finished weekly planning and luckily we live across the street from the Angel stadium and we have pretty great view from the roof top. So we had a great firework show for sure. God bless America. 

So I'm not going to write anyone next week so no one write me. I have to turn in my iPad and am too lazy to actually find a computer and nobody has time for that on transfer Monday's. Just so you know. 

This week though we have a ton going on. We have zone meeting and departing interviews and departing dinner and exchanges and all sorts of crazy little things. It'll be a fun week I'm sure. Sister Galicia and I are determined to work as hard as we can. I mean, we always work hard but I guess there is always room for improvement so this week we are determined to improve. I know I'm going to miss it a ton. So that's sad that it's almost over. But I'm excited to see everyone. Sigh. Mixed feelings for sure. You never think it's going to end but I guess everything comes to an end. Life goes on though right? 

Okay enough of that. Church is true. Missions are amazing. Glad I did mine. 

Love ya! See ya when I see ya. 

4th of July Parade

4th of July Parade

4th of July Parade

My District in black

My District in mourning

My fake birthday!!

Sister Galacia and I determined to work hard and make this the BEST week ever!!!

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