Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Irma's Baptism!

March 23, 2015

So this week was great! Because we had a baptism! The baptism of Irma.
She is just great!! We love her! The setting up and getting everything
ready for the baptism was a disaster and our president showed up so
that just made it more stressful, and man, there was so much confusion
and everyone was upset with me for one reason or another. Ay ay ay. I
had the biggest headache. But it worked out in the end because she got
baptized and the spirit was there and that's all that matters? Right?

Sister Howard and I made potato casserole this week. It was delicious.
We are practically home makers. And we made enough to last us the
month. Perfect. I thought you'd be proud mom.

We went out to ice cream with our sister training leaders this week so
that was just great.  They had some red velvet ice cream so that was a

Today we has a special activity with David Artchuleta. . . I don't
know how to spell his name. It was really good. He shared some good
stories and sang really amazingly. We were edified. We got pictures
too, which I don't have but I do have faith one day I will get it. And
I shook his hand. So I'm basically a celebrity now too. Nbd.

We got a baptismal date this week. She is super hard to find though,
so we will see how that goes. But other than that we are just finding.
Pray that we will find someone to teach that needs the gospel. Thank
you. :)

I can't think of what else happened this week. I'm sure stuff did. But
I don't remember.

I remember. We also celebrated saint Patrick's day with green jello,
pistachio pudding and a shamrock shake. Be jealous.
Pictures of our potato casserole.

Have a super duper week.
Love hermana may

Irma's Baptism

I'm a Homemaker!!

Our potato casserole

Friday, March 20, 2015

New Companion

March 16, 2015

So this week was good. Transfer meeting on Monday left me companion
less, so I hung out with sister Russell who was also training. We stayed
at her apartment which is in my old ward and on Tuesday we went and
visited Patricia! Remember her? She is my favorite. Still going
strong, so that's good. I love her.

And later on Tuesday we went and I picked up my new trainee. Sister
Howard. She is super cute and sweet and probably one of the nicest
people I've met. She's a good missionary and her Spanish is pretty
great too. So that's good. We get along real well. We both love names
and want to be Nancy Drew so it's going just swimmingly. And we are
going to learn how to cook together. Which reminds me, we need a
recipe for lasagna...because we don't know how to do that. So will you
send me that mamma?

This has been pretty abnormal because we've had so many meetings for
the new missionaries, but luckily they're all settled now and we don't
have another abnormal meeting for another month. I hope.

We went to a baptism on Sunday. One of our investigators showed up!
Hopefully that will help him progress. We made some big headway this
week too with one of our other investigators. Hopefully that will go
somewhere. Finding lately has been really hard. Knocking has proven to
not be so effective as it used to be. So we are turning our efforts to
getting referrals. Which is soooo hard. No one gives us referrals.
Which we don't know why, they always work out so much better. You
should give referrals. Don't have anyone? Pray for experiences and
mean it and someone will be placed in your path, okay? Don't make me
chastise you. In a tender loving way, of course.
But we are working a lot with members. I like it fine though, so
that's alright.

We are super excited for saint Patrick's day. Don't know what we will
do, but we like any reason to celebrate. So maybe we will dye our food
green or something. Who knows.

I think that's all the excitement for this week folks. I love you all!
Have a stupendous day.
Love hermana may. (I'm a poet and I didn't even know it)


My New Companion, Sister Howard

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New iPads

March 9, 2015

So transfers today. Yeah so Thursday night we got leadership calls.
I got called as a trainer. Again. It was the last thing I was
expecting.  I'm staying in garden grove. I think I'm going to
finish out my mission here, because after training I'll only have one
transfer left, so why would I be transferred my last transfer. That's
just silly. Anywhoo. That's the news here.

I'm not really sure what else happened this week. I feel like it's all
been blurry. Oh. Actually we got new iPads this week. We had some big
training on Tuesday and they told us how we should be using our iPads
and gave us some books and whatnot. So that was a good meeting. Then
later we actually got the new iPads. They're nice. 32 gig and all that
jazz. I didn't pay for mine since I'm going home in the next few
months so that was good. I don't get to keep it, but whateva.

Today sister Russell and I are hanging out since we don't have
companions. She is in my old area, so that should be fun.

Not too much else to say. Not too much has happened since we've had
four meetings this week. What can ya do?

Well I love yall. Have a good week!   Hermana May

So these pictures are of my old district and wars mission leader, one
of our cute members we re activated, my "mission dad" and our

Thursday, March 5, 2015


March 2, 2015

This week was just swell. It rained, so that was fancy. 

I was still sick the whole dang week. I got a stupid head cold and I couldn't breathe out of my nose for five days. Ay. I just can't catch a break this transfer, can I? Hopefully I don't get sick this week too. 

Last week of the the transfer by the way. So if next week there's only a short sad email, it's because transfers are crazy. 

So not too much happened this week apparently because I just can't think of anything to write. Sister Johnson had a few funny moments though haha. I had an LSU shirt on and she made a comment about it so I said "maybe I'm an LSU fan." And then she goes "but I thought you were a Dodgers fan." Haha I just laughed for a minute. Maybe it's not that funny, but when you're a missionary, almost anything will crack ya up. Oh and the other funny thing she did this week was while we were at a lesson we had everyone write down two things they want to do in their lifetime and she wrote down "retire" guess that's her dream. 

We did a lot of service this week. We spent a half a day working on a yard of some house they're building completely by volunteers. So that was fun. And we volunteered at the Red Cross again which was kind of boring because you just sit there for a few hours and give people cookies and juice. We also went to the old folks home and we're talking to this little old lady who started telling us about her life, apparently she was a drug runner back in the day. Haha I love old people. 

Everything with Irma is going super well. She is still solid and we are so excited for her to be baptized. We started teaching about keeping the sabbath day holy and she was all "yeah I heard about that so last Sunday was the first Sunday I've ever gone without going out and buying something. It was a nice relaxing day." Haha, she pretty much taught herself keeping the sabbath day holy, we just read a scripture. So then for the commitment we just had to go "um...will you continue keeping the sabbath day holy?" Man, I just love her. 

So this week I re-realized how awesome prayer is. For real. Whenever I pray with real intent and make it sincere and all, God always answers my prayers. I've seen it time and time again for my entire mission. If I pray really hard that we can reach a goal and then actively do something about it, we always reach our goals. Just makes me wonder why I don't pray more about everything!

Anyways. That was my life as a missionary this week. Can you believe it's already March? Time is just flying by. Crazy crazy. It's almost Easter! I love Easter. I like every holiday. I'm especially excited for Memorial Day. 
I love you!
Love hermana May