Thursday, April 30, 2015

Traffic Rebel

April 27, 2015

This week was pretty good. We had some traffic violations this week...
We were at the stop light on a busy street and I was the second car in
line and there were two other cars in the lane right beside me. Well,
beside them was the turn lane and these kids were getting ready to
push their car because it was dead or something. So we all sat there,
fascinated and ready to watch and see how fast they could push it. So
the arrow turned green and they went. And we all went too, distracted
by these kids, then half way through the intersection I get honked at.
I looked up and saw that the light was red. Whoops. At least three
other cars did it with me. Luckily no cops were near by. I'm a rebel.

We've been working with this less active named Dante and he really
likes us! Which is great because by the sounds of it from his teaching
record, other missionaries haven't really had an impact on him. Yay
for prepared people! And so happy when you get to watch the prepared
people and experience it all with them. He's come to church every week
since we've met him and this week he is going to feed us! When they
want to feed you in this culture, that means that they really like

And my most favoritest convert, Irma is having some bad health
problems. Please pray for her!

So this morning I just developed this new found love for the
scriptures. They're so amazing! I was just reading and I found a verse
that I could apply perfectly to my life and a problem I was having the
day before and I just knew that Heavenly Father was talking to me. It
also made me think and appreciate just how much he wants to talk us
and often he does talk to us but we just can't see it or don't realize
it. It was great to see how much love he has for me too, because that
yesterday problem wasn't even bothering me today but he still let me
know he is aware of my situation and gave me the comfort and
reassurance that I needed. He loves us so much! The scriptures are so
cool when you apply them to yourself, so many answers and insights and
communication between you and God.

This week was Earth Day! Man, I love holidays, they're the best!
Sister Howard and I have been planning earth day for a month. We tried
to wear earthy colors and we did face masks! Everyone should celebrate
earth day. Everyone.

It rained this week too and so we took a break from studying and ran
around for a bit in the rain. Nature is great. I'm so pumped to watch
the planet earth videos when I go home. Best movies ever.

Today we made cupcakes for a lesson we are teaching tonight to the
cutest little girl. We wrote our review words in Spanish with the
exception for the occasional because I can't write that tiny and
English is shorter. But we are excited! I'm such a sister missionary
aren't I?

Anyways that was the gist of my week. I hope you're all doing well:) I love you!
Love hermana may

Swimming in Less Actives

April 20, 2015

This week was good.

Sister Howard and I worked really hard and got a lot of lessons
in. I don't know how, but we are just swimming in less active members
this week. I had 12 lessons and we didn't even try. Our goal was 6.
They flock to us. But at least we got some of them to come to church.
And luckily we still improved on all of our other key indicators too
so that was happy. But then we had transfer calls. And two new elders
are coming into our district, so now they're taking away the part of
our area where we had most of our other lessons and new investigators.
So we are both sad now we don't have people to work with. But we are
trying to be positive.

Last week two of our companionship goals were to be grateful and not
eat sugar. I guess yesterday was our splurge day because we ate a lot
of cake and complained. At least we were in it together.

We did some service this week. Helping people move. It was fun. Good
change of pace. And we played ninja with some cute little kids and ate
pizza so that was a good afternoon.

We met this crazy white guy this week too. I swear all the crazy
people we meet are white. I wonder why. But yeah at first I thought
maybe he was just having a hard day so we agreed to meet with him and
share something. But then

he kept leaving and coming back and getting
weirder. He gave us flowers so that was nice. But yeah after a while
we stood up to leave and he freaked. But that's okay. We left and
hopefully won't see him again.
We did meet a really nice Hispanic who gave us free snow cones. We
named him pepito because we can't remember his real name.

Well that's about all the exciting news for today folks. I love you!
And miss you!
Love hermana may

Here are the pictures of my old zone leaders who are going home
tomorrow and my old district leader, who is just weird.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

April, 13, 2015

And it came to pass that in the commencement of the 5th week of the
transfer I could find nothing of great value to share with my brethren
in the land of my fathers. And thus, I shall find it sufficient to
recount in no great detail the proceedings of the week.

And now behold it was the custom of the members of the church to go
without food or drink and offer mighty prayer unto the Lord for one
Sunday each month. And it came to pass that by the end of this
fasting, my stomach did growl with mighty hunger, that it might be
consoled, yea, even with food. And it came to pass that my stomachs
great cries were answered as we traveled to the home of Irma, who had
joined the righteous men and woman of the church of God. And I was an
hungered and said: will ye give to an humble servant of God something
to eat?
And she went and brought with her food that she had prepared, and O
how she had prepared to feed us even unto the filling of our bellies
because of the dinner calendar which had been passed to all those in
Relief society prior to that time. And she did serve us Korean bbq and
quinoa. Yea and the rejoicing of my stomach was great therein.

And it came to pass that we also found an investigator of the church
in her home as she too was preparing food, that she might eat and that
she might give thereof to her fellow man at a celebration. And behold,
this was a miracle wrought forth by the hands of God, because of the
struggles that we had previously had in the finding of this woman. And
we did expound unto her the word of God and did exhort her that she
might read and ponder the words every day. And the spirit did touch
her soul, yea, and she did commit to do this thing which we had asked
of her. And we did praise God for the imparting unto us of His spirit
and we did offer up prayer that she might keep the commitment with all
the energy that she possessed.

And it came to pass that in the fifth day of the week there was a
meeting to be held at the office of the mission for those new
missionaries who had embarked in the ways of the lord, that they might
be trained further. And, now, when we had left our apartment to
journey to this meeting we found that our Steele beast was dead. Yea
and it would not turn on. After much labor and diligence we called
upon our sister training leaders, that they might take us to the
meeting. And they did speedily answer or cries. And it came to pass
that after the meeting had commenced we did take another car and
journeyed back to our apartment that might again jump our first car.
And behold it came to my rememberance the method of how to jump the
car. And behold our car did cease to keep running, even that we had to
jump it a second time and drive as speedily as the laws of the land and
the Steele beast would permit to the land of Orange to have the car
inspected. And it came to pass that on this journey we did name our
car "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" for the sounds which it did continue to
make tirelessly.  And we remained in the Chevy car dealership for the
space of two hours as we awaited the repair of our car. And after much
labor our car was restored back to its original frame and we did drive
home with safety.

And thus ended the fifth week of the transfer in the land of Anaheim

Hermana may

Proof of our homemaker skills! Yep, Spaghetti is so hard, we didn't even use a recipe!

some random crazy guy made us this bouquet of flowers that he
picked from random places and tied them together with grass. He sure
was crazy, but he's talented when it comes to flowers.

the humongous potato bug we found on Easter.


April 8, 2015

So this week was just peachy. General Conference was great! It's always great . . . Especially on a mission. I just feel so inspired when I watch it. Good thing we have them. I was sad Elder Scott didn't speak though. I like him. My favorite talk, well one of them, was the last one about Keeping the Sabbath day holy. Good stuff. 

Yesterday we went on exchanges. I stayed here and sister Galicia came with me! It was so much fun. We get along so well. We probably had too much fun, but at least we were working . . . Except for when we killed the car. I don't even know how, we didn't leave our lights on... And I'm not sure what else kills a car but the battery was dead. We had to wait for the zone leaders to come and fix it. On the bright side I now know how to jump a car in case I find my self in that situation. The black cord is negative, like satan. Boo yah. 

Today we got to go to the temple. Yay temple trips! Man, you just can't beat the spirit in the temple. We had to get up at five though so we could get ready and drive there for the seven o'clock session. So I'm so tired. But on a happy note I feel like I can successfully get around Orange County now. We had to take three different highways to get to the temple that's only half an hour ish away. Sheesh. 

Afterwards we went out to eat at Denny's as a zone. Good bonding times. The elders were telling all sorts of crazy stories about seeing dead bodies and getting knifes and guns pulled on them and things like that. None of that has ever happened to me- perks of being a sister missionary. You just have to worry about getting stalked. 

For Easter sister Howard and I dyed Easter eggs! That stupid Crayon thing didn't even work so nothing I wrote on the eggs worked. Whatever. They were still colorful. And we ate so much candy. We were like monsters. We couldn't stop ourselves. So now we are on a strict no candy diet. So no one send me candy. I will throw it away or give it away if you do.  But thanks for the package mom, it was delicious while it lasted. 

Anyways, that's about all for today. Our investigators are doing pretty good. We lost a date this week, but hopefully once they work our the issues they'll be able to be baptized and all will be well. Life is easier when you keep the commandments. So do it. 

Have a splendid week! I love you all! 
Love hermana May

Our Easter Eggs

Our Easter Eggs

Easter Bucket Irma made us!

Hand made chocolates that were in our Easter bucket. Cute!!!

Temple trip

New Foods

March 30, 2015

This week was good.
Sister Howard and I are getting super good at cooking.yep we made corn
chowder this week. Look out. Every week is a new thing.

Sister Howard cut her hair today. It looks cute. I'm still growing
mine out so I can win Mandy in our hair growing competition. It's on.

We finally got one of our investigators on date this week. She seems
really excited. I really like her. Her name is Elizabeth and she just
believes everything we teach her so quickly. It's cool:) I hope she
makes it on her date. I'll keep you updated about her.

We went to the temple tour on Saturday this week. It was really good.
You always feel the spirit there. But the temple tour ended kinda late
so we just had to stay in Newport Beach and watch the women's
conference with a bunch of white people from the Irvine mission. It
was good though. I had been looking forward to that all week long.

I've been trying new foods lately. I've eaten pho a few times. It's
this Vietnamese soup. It's really good. You should try it sometime. Or
you can just wait for me and I'll take ya'll. Delicious. I'm getting
pretty good at chop sticks if I do say so myself.

Sister and Howard and I are going to have movie day. We are going to
watch the testaments and eat oven pizza today to finish off p-day.
Super duper fun stuff going on here in Garden Grove.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm trying so hard to find stuff to write
about, but I really just don't have much for you. I feel like I say
that every week... But it's still true.

I love you! Have a good Easter!! And conference!
Love hermana may