Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sister Trainer

June 1, 2015

Hi family! Sorry I don't have lots of time. Transfer days are crazy.
Okay well this week was good. I got called as sister training
leader...yeah- not really sure all what they do either besides mission
council and go on exchanges all the time but whateva. I'm in Buena
Park now with sister Galicia! Yay dream companion! I'm so happy!

Other than that sister Howard and I partied all week to celebrate. We
did face masks and painted our nails and ate cookies and ice cream and
all that good stuff.

Oops, didn't mean to send that yet
But that's okay because I don't know what to write you right now.
But I love you! I'll try to send the pictures again.

(mom insert here) Okay, I know she said she was busy and all but WHAT!  No "Love, Hermana May" at the end!!!!    Oh well, she did get in an "I love you and send the pictures!  YAY!! So I will try to overlook it.  :)

Our hike from two weeks ago

Trampoline place we visited for P-Day

Trampoline place

Our cute snail friend.  We gave him a leaf to eat.

I'm a pink nightmare!

The Strawberry festival

we did a blood drive and parked in the managers parking and got passes. We cool. 

Last week at the Elotada with the STL's

Sister Howard and I

Fun with my companion

I got bored one night and cut my bangs.

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