Sunday, May 31, 2015


May 25, 2015

This week was pretty good. We got stopped twice by some people from other religions just throwing opinions at us. We were standing on the street for twenty minutes while two girls were drowning us in scriptures and all sorts of weird things. It was strange. And so uncomfortable. Hopefully that's not how people feel when we stop them on streets. Fingers crossed. 
But it made me super grateful for the Book of Mormon again, to help us clarify doctrines in the bible that are interpreted so differently by everyone. 

Other than that, we went to the strawberry festivals this week! It's this big carnival thing that they have here in garden grove with rides and food and booths and strawberries obviously. It was so fun. 

A miracle of the week? We stopped by to see a guy we met a week or so ago and before we could knock on his door, the neighbor came to her door and asked,
 "did you call me?" 
"Um...sure." So we started talking to her and she loved it and she is letting us come back this week. We're so excited. 

Another miracle? One of our other investigators got bombarded by some anti stuff and she didn't believe it! And now she likes us  more than ever now. Woot woot. 

Miracle three? Karen's dad is letting her get baptized!!!!!!! Thanks for the prayers and faith! 

One more? I can do a whole pull up on my own now!!!!

 🎶miracles happen🎶

Today we went to the Elotada! It's the Hispanic party my stake does every year for Memorial Day. It was kinda chilly though. Had to put on a sweater. It was good as always though and fun to get to see everyone. Even the president showed up. 

Last night we went to a baptism of this cute little girl who loves us and before the baptism she just ran right up and gave me the biggest hug and says "when I saw the water I just felt something inside of me and I think it was God telling me He is happy for me."  She is so cute. I told her He was so happy for her and He loves her so much. Haha she is adorable. Her little sister cried for ten minutes before the baptism because she was convinced that her sister was going to drown in the font haha. 

Our area is doing well lately. We have been finding a lot more! Yay! And there is a lot of potential. This is the last week of the transfer so we will see what happens. I decided I don't mind if I stay or if I go. Wherever God wants me. Sister Howard and I planned something fun to do everyday this week just in case it's our last one together. We are so excited for JFK day though. We decided a while ago to celebrate every holiday in our calendar, so we've been planning ice cream for a while now. 

I have a lot of pictures to send this week, not because we took a lot, just because I've found all sorts of pictures I never sent . . . 

Okay pues I love you all. Have a great week. Don't die. 
Love hermana may. 
Pictures explanation 
1- the strawberry festival 
2- today at the Elotada with the STL's
3- the hike from last week 
4- we did a blood drive and parked in the managers parking and got passes. We cool. 
5- I'm a pink nightmare 
6- our cute snail friend. We gave him a leaf to eat 

7 and 8- pictures from the trampoline place last transfer. 

Don't see any pictures?  That is because for some reason she never sent them!!!  Yes I am very disappointed as well and plan to tell her so in the very next letter!!!   Hopefully we will get to see them all soon because some of them sound pretty interesting! :)

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