Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Personal Mormons

December 29, 2014

So this week was perdy good.
We went on exchanges this week. I went up to the singles ward with
Sister Bingham. She is a good sister training leader, I like her.
Anyways so we had this one lesson with this guy...and you know the
lesson is going to be super awkward when he first walks out in a
towel. Don't worry, he changed. Then he comes and we start teaching
about prayer and he gets sooo distracted every few seconds and in mid
sentence just decides to tell us how beautiful we are. Then he asks us
what is the difference between us and Mormons. So we tell him that we
are Mormons and he goes "man, I hate those guys! They tried to
brainwash me." Guess he had a bad experience before with Elders and
now seems to think that's what missionaries do - brainwash people. I
must have fallen asleep during that portion in the MTC. Anywhoo, he
doesn't seem to mind again after a minute and after almost forty
minutes we finish teaching him how to pray. So we get him to pray and,
I'll tell ya family, I have never had anyone be so grateful to God for
my beauty. "Thank you For these beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful ladies..."
So after we established a little bit about our rules and how we can't
go off and just do what we please he asked us when we were going to
come back after our missions were over. Then when we would come back
to teach us again. Not especially eager to set a return appointment,
we told him that we could whenever he had time, just to text us and
let us know. Then he goes "so you're my own personal Mormons?"
... "No, we teach a lot of people."

Good exchange though haha

On Christmas Eve we had district meeting. Afterwards we had a potluck
and a white elephant exchange. Elders don't understand potluck I
think. Sister Johnson made home made noodles for us to bring, and some
of the elders brought left over Mac and cheese... All was well though.
Since most Hispanics don't really celebrate Christmas on Christmas
Day, but on Christmas Eve we were super happy that Cecilia, our recent
convert invited us all over again to eat at her house. She fed us
American food plus tamales so it was a good night. Afterwards we went
caroling! It was a lot of fun.

On Christmas Day after I talked to all ya'll, we did some Facebook
like good missionaries and then drove to Buena Park to eat with the
other elders in their district. It was good. We ate outside and that
was a little cold, but the food was pretty good. The lady that fed us
was 65 years old and had a 37 year old boyfriend.  Haha sooo funny.
She kept calling him "mi precioso." Don't even know the guy's name.
They were very nice though.

Later that night, we went caroling again with two of the elders in our
district and with a member. It was way fun.  Definitely one of my
favorite parts of the day. Everyone was happy to see and it was cool to
just look around and see that all of these people (minus the member)
were sacrificing spending Christmas with their family to do what I was
doing, to share the gospel. So while Christmas on a mission wasn't the
funnest I've ever done, I'm glad I got to experience it and I don't
think I would trade it for any a different Christmas.

Other That our week wasn't super eventful. We ate at Denny's one
night. Unlimited hot chocolate. We taught a ton of lessons and
hopefully found some good people to teach. I will let you know how
that plays out. Oh and I bought a new purse and made a new year
resolution to keep it looking nice the entire year.

Okay well I hope you all have a wonderful new year! Goodbye 2014!
That's crazy huh?
Love Hermana May


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Selfie

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