Wednesday, December 3, 2014


December 1, 2014

My week was just peachy.

So we had a lot of fun plans for Thanksgiving. Turkey bowl with the
ward? Canceled. Service feeding lots of cute families their
Thanksgiving meal? Canceled.
It was sad. So after that got canceled I thought "well this is
awkward, we don't have anywhere to eat for Thanksgiving..." Denny's
was my back up plan. But tender mercy, Cecilia, the cute recent
convert I told you about last week called us and invited us and the
district over for dinner. It was a good one too. She made a Huge-ole turkey
and there were mashed potatoes and corn and rolls and pumpkin pie ...
And of course rice. It was all good. Couldn't have asked for more.

In the day time we found another service project thing to do. The
Honda center down here does a big Thanksgiving dinner for all the
folks around that need it. So we got to come and help clean up. It
wasn't bad, kept us entertained and feeling like we were doing
something. And we got a free t-shirt out of it. I'll do almost
anything for a free t-shirt.

Oh and in the morning our zone set up our own little "turkey bowl" for
us to play at 6:15 for exercise time. Except for they wanted to play
soccer. You learn a lot about yourself on a mission. For example, I've
learned I'm really not that athletic, at least when it comes to
sports. Running? Fine. But throw a ball in there and that's the end of
my skill level. I've also learned that there is no other sport I loathe
playing as much as soccer. But I tried to be a good sport. I pep
talked myself all morning long. And I wasn't going to complain or
anything. After all, it was Thanksgiving. So I got there, I joined a
team and tried to be a good sport. It was slightly awful. I have no
coordination. And for starters I have no idea how to even kick a ball.
Then to make matters worse, the rest of the team kept telling the
goalie to throw the ball to me and then they'd keep kicking it to me
when all know very well that I'm perfectly content jogging back and
forth, pretending that I'm doing something. It was a trying morning.
But I persevered and lived.  You wouldn't believe how many bruises now
cover my legs from that plus service.

We ran into a few anti people this week, who just stop us and tell us
how awful our church is and all sorts of crazy rumors. I feel like the
best way to deal with those people is just to smile and play stupid so
they leave you alone and don't try to start bashing even more. It
works most of the  time.

We went on exchanges this week. I stayed here with Sister Huelet and
Sister Johnson got to go up to Anaheim. It was a good day. We all got
a lot done and got new investigators and all sorts of things we needed
to help our numbers.

Yesterday we found a new investigator. She came to church with her
boyfriend and then we ran into her again after church. The lords timing
rocks. He always puts us in he right place and the right time.

Also, I found the old movie of Johnny Lingo on our gospel library. You
know your a missionary when:
1) you actually watch
2) want to watch it again
Good movie. I like it.

So the church came out with a new video "He is the Gift" it's awesome!
I really, really like it. If you haven't seen it already you should go
watch it. It's on of So after you watch
you should put it on Facebook. The church is working super hard to get
this movie out to everyone, so please watch and share it okay? I'll
bug about it next week so you need it do it this week. Deal? Also in
the ensign they should've put cards with the website for the video on
them. Give them out. It's what Sister Johnson and I do every single
day, so then you can know what it feels like to be a missionary. And
it's super easy. You just walk up to someone and go "hey can give you
a card?" And they go "yeah sure" then You go "sweet, it's for a
website with a video that's like two minutes long about how Christ is
the greatest gift we have" or something to that effect. And pretty
much everyone believes in Christ and it's Christmas season so everyone
is nicer around this time anyways and it all works out. Just do it.

Okay I love you guys! Hope all is going well!
Love Hermana May

Thanksgiving with Cecilia

Sister Johnson and I

Pumpkin Pie! Mmmm

Our District

Our District

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