Wednesday, December 17, 2014


December 15, 2014

Okay so this week was good.  It rained again so that was nifty.
Spanglish is alive and well in the Anaheim mission. We were at a
members house for dinner and her two year old was watching a cartoon
and a whale showed up and he goes "whaleo!" Haha so funny.

One cool thing that happened this week  was we went knocking and one lady
opened the door and knew exactly who we were. She is also a member who
goes to a different ward. She was like "my grandson here has a
question that I have a hard time answering." His question? What is the
purpose of life?
That usually doesn't happen, ya know?
Anywhoo it was a cool lesson. We read some good scriptures and he
liked them a ton and asked if he could take a picture of it and we
were like "take the book" he was a cool kid.
After the lesson the grandma said that earlier that morning she had
been praying that someone could come and answer her grandson's
question. It's so cool to see how much the lord loves people and
answers their prayers and it's also cool to be the one the Lord lets
answer other people's prayers.

So transfers went well. Sister Johnson and I are staying together in
the five for round three. We both are excited. We were hoping to be
together for Christmas. :) Most of our district is the same once again
except for one elder. It'll be fun. Probably the best transfer ever
because it's Christmas and my birthday all in one transfer. It will be

I got my hair cut this week. I like it because the lady got off all
the dead ends and nastiness and stuff but it's just kinda short now
and I have crazy layers. It's all good when it's straight but I kinda
hate it when it's curly... That's okay. It'll grow right?

I finished my hat! With my hands! It's cool. I'll send a picture. Okay
sorry I'm all sorts of frazzled and stuff so this is the end of my

Have a great week! I love you!

Love Hermana May

No pictures this week.  Guess she was really busy! We felt lucky to get the e-mail since it didn't arrive til the evening! Would have liked to see her haircut and new hat!  Maybe next post! Glad things are going well though!! :)

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