Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

January 5, 2015

This week was good though. Pretty sure nothing spectacular happened, just life like normal. 
It was New that was fun. I mean we went to bed at 10:30 like good missionaries but we woke up again at midnight to drink some sparkling cider and wish each other a happy New Years before going to bed. 

I really like New Years Eve. One is reason is because I can say "______ until next year"
For example: I won't see you until next year!
Or, I won't wake up again until next year. 
I'm not talking to you until next year. 
I refuse to nightly plan until next year. 

It's a grand old time. Not sure why it's still so much fun even after all of these years, but it is. 

We are semi teaching this lady who is absolutely golden. Only semi teaching because she is moving back to Mexico in two weeks. But she gave us her address so the Mormons could come find her. And she'll be on the look out for them. She told us this week that the bible said we should read the Book of Mormon.  Show me that scripture please. We figured out a minute later she meant the references at the bottom of the page (we had given her a large bible so she could see the words) we hadn't really even talked hardly about the Book of Mormon, so we decided to talk about it more and gave her one and she just loves it. And she loves us so much haha. Why can't everyone be like that? And why is she moving back to Mexico? 

Fingers crossed that one day we will get to teach someone like her. 

So one thing I've noticed about our ward is that No ONE fasts. Not a one. Sister Johnson and I sat in relief society yesterday and watched everyone eating something, not to mention all of the candy they had sitting on the table for people to come grab when they wanted during the lesson and the bag of oranges one hermana brought to share. Then after the lesson our relief society president goes "hermanas, hay pastel en la cocina!" (Sisters, there's cake in the kitchen!) I feel like sometimes they eat more on fast Sunday's than on any other Sunday . . . Or maybe it's just because I'm hungry. 

We had 11 Less active/recent convert lessons this week. I don't know if that's a good number for most missions buts it's awesome for our mission! Our other lessons and member present lessons were a little lacking, but it wasn't for lack of trying. 

Any who. Nothing much else happened. Hopefully this week is awesome! Hope it is for you too! Love ya'll and miss you too! Have a great week!

Love hermana May

Happy New Year Cider

Some of the cutest girls in Garden Grove!

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