Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's Almost Christmas!

December 22, 2014

This week was good!

It's almost Christmas!!!!

We got to hang out with sister Galicia in Monday and Tuesday. She is a
lot of fun. I miss seeing her all the time. But her new companion
seems cool.

Yesterday at church there was this white guy (an English ward also
meets in our building) and he usually tries to talk to us for about a
half hour and he saw us and stopped us and looked at my feet and was
like "you need new shoes!" Then he pulls out a card from his pocket
and tells me all about this guy who sells $100 leather shoes in
Huntington Beach.  I'm sure they're nice shoes, but man they're ugly.
Not to mention way outside of my mission. If he only knew how many
shoes I have currently in my closet.

Sometime last month we stopped by a lady who has been less active for
several years and now she is coming to church again every week! We
stopped by yesterday to share a Christmas message and the spirit was
so strong and she bore such a powerful testimony and then thanked us
for bringing her back. It was really cool. We all felt the spirit so
strong and I could feel how much love Heavenly Father has for her. I'm
so grateful the Lord uses us as instruments to find and re-find his

We had our Christmas party on Friday for the ward. It was sick (in a
good way) people were decorating all day long. We had a Christmas tree
and a balloon arch, piñata, bounce house, crazy amounts of food, all
sorts of stuff. Ain't nobody throws a party like garden grove 10. Some
of our investigators came too! And random people we invited! It was
awesome! Kind of felt like a chicken with its head cut off running
around all night trying to make sure all was good with them...but it
was still fun.

We went over to another less actives house this week because they fed
us dinner and it was delicious. The little girls named it "lasagnaroni
pizza" it was sooo good. Afterwards we helped decorate their Christmas
tree and set up a train around it. It was a lot of fun. I love those
little girls they're adorable.

We are excited for Christmas here! We have plans to go caroling and
not too much else since most of our investigators "can't meet until
after New Years" sheesh. That's okay, I'm sure we will find something
to do, right? Fingers crossed.

Nothing else too exciting happened this week...but I'm super excited
to talk to you all on Christmas!! See you Thursday!
Love Hermana May

Hat she finger crocheted.

Ward Christmas Party

Ward Christmas Party Pinata

Santa Cake one of our recent converts made

found this while out tracting

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