Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It Broke!

November 24, 2014

My week has been good. Ya know, mission life in the regs.

We've been trying to contact all the members in our ward, active and
not, just to make sure all their information is right. It's a hassle,
I'll tell you that. You got a love that one family who says "oh he
doesn't live here anymore" and their four year old goes "yes he does!
He's my dad!" Then the mom yells at him and quickly shuts the door. So
not sure what to do about his records...

Something truly tragic happened this week. I was in the passenger seat
of the car, being the gps for my companion, using my I pad to figure
out the streets, and luckily I know my way around Garden Grove now, so
I got us there no problem. So we pray and get out of the car ... And
my I pad also decides to get out of the car....  Yep. Broken. The
screen is all sorts of cracked. I'm still wiping off glass bits from
the screen. Still using it though. Luckily no one yelled at me when I
called to tell them of the mishap. But it'll be two weeks before I get
another one. So in the mean time, I'm still using it. Still emailing you
beautiful people on it. Luckily it still works.

We had a big ol' Hispanic pachanga this week for Thanksgiving. We
spent a few hours of the day passing out flyers to everyone and their
dog. We actually had a really great turn out. A ton of people who
we've never met before showed up. And most of them left with a Book of
Mormon and a restoration pamphlet in hand. Success.

So one of our recent converts , Cecilia, just funnier and funnier
every time we see her. She is old and walks slow and mumbles all her
spanish words but she is a little sweetheart. She fed us dinner this
week and as soon as we come in she sits us down and says "I'll turn on
the news for you to watch!" Doesn't bother listening to our
objections. Then whenever her little dogs, brandy and whisky, bark she
sprays them with windex. I guess it really does work for everything.
We are going over on Tuesday to help her decorate for Christmas. Super

Yesterday, we were so sad because no one shows up for church and even
sadder because Elvia, still hadn't gotten confirmed. The first Sunday
after her baptism, she was in the hospital and the next, no one stopped
by to pick her up and then this week she had to sign some papers for
her son, I don't really know what or why but she couldn't come. So we
were sad because she is moving to Oklahoma next Sunday, but she said
she would come to church before they moved to be confirmed. So then
during church she shows up and says that her daughter called and said
they were going to move Saturday instead.  So she got home from
signing papers as quick as she could and some how found someone to
drive her to the church so she could be confirmed. Then she asked for
a smaller Book of Mormon to read in the car in the move over. She is
so cute.  And soooo happy. It's wonderful.

Well I think that's about it. Have a wonderful holiday and eat lots of
yummy things. Love you!
Love Hermana May

Cute Elvia!

Our cute investigators!!

My broken Ipad ;(

Cali Missionary!

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