Monday, November 24, 2014

New Investigators!!

November 17, 2014

This week was pretty good! (: 

Coolest thing! Ready? So ya'll know we've been struggling trying to find new investigators. So we've been praying hard and working hard and nothing was coming of it. But I just kept thinking, God will bless because we are doing our part and that's how He works. 
So we kept doing our part for the past few weeks and finally a miracle! 
So we were walking to our car from our apartment in the morning on our way to a lesson when this guy stops us and is like "you guys are Sisters right?"
Us: yeah! (We're always cheerful of course)
Him: yeah I've seen you guys around here but I've never said anything. I'm member of your church, I just joined in April
Us: wow that's awesome!
Him: what ward our you guys in?
Us: Garden Grove ten. It's a spanish ward 
Him: really? You guys speak Spanish? Do you think you guys could come and teach my parents? They only speak Spanish and I've been praying for the chance to share the gospel with them but I still don't know a lot and I'm not very good at explaining things. 
*happy dance in my head*

Prayer works. Do it. 

So we went over and met his cute parents. And they like us. And they like that we speak Spanish and they like what we taught. So we naturally invited them to come to church. 
Yes. Yes, they did come. Now I don't know about every other mission in the world but here in the Anaheim mission when you meet someone on a Friday and invite them to come to church on a Sunday they NEVER come. Miracles. I'm telling Ya. Baptism is in the works. 

We met Russians this week. One of them was nice. The other ones were kinda scary. They just looked at us skeptically and asked us if we were Mormons and asked if we just going around offering our services to people. He didn't like us too much. Whatever. Already downloaded Because of Him in Russian and we have our zone leaders working on getting us a Book of Mormon in Russian. So it's going down. 

So Sister Johnson is how we met these Russians. It was night time and we were outside teaching one of our investigators. We had a member there with us and we were right about to jump into teaching the law of chastity. So I say such and such then turn to Sister Johnson who just pauses and says "uno momento. Hay algo que necesito hacer." Then she gets up and walks a few feet away to a lady who is just balling her our eyes out. And starts talking to her. For almost an hour. Haha bless her heart. So I just had the wonderful opportunity of teaching this investigator the law of chastity all by my lonesome. Well kinda. The member was there and he was a lot of help and he is thinking about baptism again!. But that crying lady turned out to be Russian and sister Johnson helped her out a ton so it was all good. 

This week we had a lesson with this cute less active family. We had only met them once before but they invited us back and we got there and the cute little girls were sitting at the table with their Books of Mormon all excited for us to teach. So we did our spill and then they brought out flan that they had bought for us and they turned on Christmas music (they have kozy 106.5 out here and I guess they've started playing non stop Christmas music) and made us hot chocolate and then we played Uno. It was magical to say the least. 

I have to say I'm suuppeerr jealous of the cold and especially the snow. I love snow and goose bumps and bundling up. So it's common knowledge that when it comes to the cold. People here are a bunch of whimps. Sadly though, I'm turning into one of them. Don't get me wrong, I still love the cold and am super excited be back into it one day, but I'm turning into a whimp. This week my companion and I got so cold. We wore our jackets and long sleeves and had our heater on in the house and the car. So we were curious just to how cold it really was?  63. Yep 63 degrees. I was chilly. California does weird things to you. And to your hair. 

Yesterday bishops son was baptized. I helped him play the piano for the service. It was a lot of fun. I like baptisms. They're so fun. Everyone should be baptized. But not just by anyone. Oh no. By someone who has the authority of God-the priesthood! Yay! And then they should all get the awesome gift of the Holy Ghost so their baptism is complete. And then they should seguir adelante for the rest of their lives! So tell everyone. It's even free, any day of the week that's most convenient. Do it. Be a member missionary. You save those souls. Please. Missionaries need it. 

Anywhoo I love you guys. You're the best! Have a great week! Love Hermana May 

Her half way celebration!!!

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