Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One last week

October 27, 2014

Sister Vargas stayed! Woot woot. Prayers are answered. Did I already
tell you that? We still haven't taken down our fort. Probably won't
until Sunday.  We even had apartment checks this week and the senior
couple just loved it. It's Sister Vargas's last week in the mission.
Then she goes home next Tuesday. One last week with her.  Why have I
killed every companion I've been assigned to? Where's the justice? I
just hope they don't stick me with anyone else going home for the rest
of my mission.

The work has been slow this week. Real slow. But really, it's not all
of our fault because we've just had crazy random things to do all week
and probably more meetings than the president so it's been hard.

On Saturday we were out and about trying to find some new
investigator, knocking doors and all that jazz and all of us were
trying hard not to get discouraged because we couldn't find anyone!
No one wanted to talk to us. We were all praying so hard. Seriously,
the whole time we were finding I was just praying in my heart to
Heavenly Father to please just let us find one person who will talk to
us. I kept waiting for it to happen because you hear those sort of
stories all the time on your mission, so really it was bound to happen
right? Wrong. Nothing.  I was so discouraged going to bed. I don't
know what Heavenly Father is trying to teach us but my fingers are
crossed that its not patience, because I'm sick of that lesson.

Anyways, Sunday was good though, we had a few of our investigators
show up to church and it was the primary program. AND Elvia is back on
date for her upcoming baptism! Yay! Once again family, pray your guts
out that it'll happen.  Por favor!

Our mission president wants us to work a lot more with less active
members. I guess we haven't been doing it as much as they want us to
because we all got chastised. So that's going to be our focus this
week. Which means our other numbers are going to go down. Sigh. They
never know what they want.

I have the hiccups right now. I've had them for a half hour already.
My life is so hard.

In other news, Sister Johnson made choco-flan.

Today for zone activity we are having a pumpkin Palooza (how do you
spell that?) we are going to eat all sorts of pumpkin things and carve
pumpkins. How exciting.
This week is going to be CrAzY. We have a ward Halloween party, sister
Vargas's departing interview and dinner, a driving test for sister
Johnson, tons of service activities, a training follow up meeting,
other normals meetings, plus everything else we gotta do. Ay ay ay.
But at least it'll make the week go by fast. Which might be a bad
thing, since it's sister Vargas's last week.
Oh, hey mom. Sister Vargas is going to come see you maybe in two or
three weeks. She is going to bring a little box of stuff I don't want
here anymore. She is cool. She is excited to meet you. I expect a

Okay Pues I think that's about it for this week. Stay cool. I love you guys!!
Love Hermana May

Sorry no pictures this week. :(

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