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November 3, 2014

This week has been crazy as predicted. Last Monday we went to our pumpkin Palooza way out yonder in Fullerton and we ate yummy pumpkin things and caved pumpkins. I took pictures, but they were gross so I won't be sending them. 

We had such a cooool lesson with one of our investigators this week. He was going to drop us because of some weird dream he had but we prayed and prepared a ton and went over and talked about his dream and told him how we interpreted it and he liked our version much more than his haha and then we asked him about the Book of Mormon and he gave the sweetest testimony of it ever. And it really was a testimony. He talked about how he knew every word was one of God's and that no man could have written that book and it adds to the bible. The spirit was super strong. Hopefully he can get baptized soon!

Also this week we made Papusas with a ward member from El Salvador. For those of you who don't know what Papusas are they're basically stuffed tortillas. And they are probably my favorite Hispanic food. I'll do my best to make them when I come home. 

We also had our ward Halloween party this week. If nothing else, Hispanics sure know how to party. They can throw together a good party in a day. We had a fog machine, tons of food, two bounce houses, and all sorts of other stuff. Sister Vargas had her deleting dinner that night so it was just Sister Johnson and I that night. We painted little kids faces, which obviously is my strong point. . . I just hope they didn't look in the mirror before they went home. Our bishop is kind of like a twelve year old half the time and stole one of our paint brushes and went around trying to paint on people's faces. He got me, so that's why I have blue on my face in the pictures. One of our investigators came and brought his kids. They had a lot of fun, I hope. Haha. 

On Halloween we had a meeting at the mission office and my package came while I was there! Thanks momma I love it! So on Halloween night we are not allowed to go out because there are too many crazies and drunks.  So we weekly planned. BUT we did have masquerade masks. So we weekly planned in our masks. And we even had trick or treaters!

On Saturday morning we got out early to help a family in our ward move. And we looked out the window and what did we see? Rain! real rain too. That doesn't happen here! We were sooo excited. Best morning ever- rain and jeans!!! 

One lady in our ward signed up to feed us dinner during her sons birthday party. So we went to a bounce house to eat dinner! And bounce. Luckily no one had a problem with missionaries in skirts and suits jumping. Best dinner hour ever. 

And then yesterday Elvia got baptized!! At first it was crazy because we get to the church in time and no one was there with a key to unlock to font. So we finally got ahold of the guy who had the key and he was like, oh I'm at home watching the kids. Apparently reserving the baptismal font doesn't include reserving the key. So we called a bunch of people and got some other zone leaders to go get the keys for us. Mean time our bishop shows up and we tell him what happened and he's like "okay I'm just going to take a turn around the chapel" and then next thing we know the fonts filling up. Guess he somehow crawled under the font curtain. And then the keys came to unlock it so it all worked out and she is now baptized! I'm so happy for her. She has changed so much since I've met her. Her confidence has gone up so much since I've met her. The gospel really changes lives. I think that's my favorite part about being in the mission- getting to see the gospel change people. 

So our apartment has a plague of spiders. But not just any spiders. No that would be too easy. Black widow spiders. We kill them once or twice a week. Well, my companions do. If I can I just sit on the counter until it's down the toilet. They especially like hiding behind our garbage can, next to our shoes and if their feeling really ambitious they hide in our sink. 

Okay well I love you guys! Have a great week!
Love Hermana May 

Rain and Jeans!!

Happy Day!!!

Ward Halloween Party

Weekly Planning in Masks

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