Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stood Up

October 9, 2014

This past week and a half have been good. Really busy. And I'm sure
I'll forget to write abut half of it because I kind of haven't written
in my journal for that amount of time so there's not a great way of
remembering what went down.

Let's see, let's see. So we had President interviews last week. That
was fun getting to talk to both president and Hermana Taggart. They're
cool and nice and like us. They brought cookies too. So yeah  . . .

Oh, general conference was great! I loved it. Conference on the
mission is the best. I get more out of conference than I ever have. I
liked all the talks, so I couldn't tell you which was my favorite. I'm
excited to be able to read through them all again. We went down to
watch it at the Greenville chapel which is fun because we get to see
more an half the Spanish missionaries so it's like a party. And my
whole old district was there. We took reunion pictures.

So sad thing: Reymond Hijo? I told ya'll about him, yeah? 12 year old
cool boy? Well we were supposed to have a lesson with him on Monday
night. We were almost there when we looked at our phone and had like
20 texts from him, "don't come" "don't come, not home" "don't come"
Over and over again. So we were sad. He said he was buying shoes or
something. But our back up plans were in his same neighborhood. So we
decided as we passed by we would just drop off the baptismal calendar
thing we had made on his door. So we get up to the apartment and his
four yr old little sister runs up to us to gives us hugs. "will you
give this to your brother?" "Yeah, one second!" And she ran in and
gave it to him. Sheesh. Stood up by a 12 year. Guess he isn't getting
baptized next week after all. We ate ice cream that night.

Also that night we show up to another complex to find some people.
Gate was locked. But that can't stop you right? So I start climbing
the fence. Right as I got to the top some guy comes and opens the gate
for my companions. Then on our way out we discovered that the other
gate was wide open. All that work for nothing. Ay.

The temple today was awesome! I l-o-v-e love the temple. I didn't see
the new temple video though but whatever. Still good. I could just sit
in the celestial room all day long, but times always a ticking as a
missionary . . . Probably as a persona really.

So Sister Johnson speaks sign language. And that's really neat. I've
been making her teach me. So far I can say "a long time ago there was
a woman named Mary. She had a baby named Jesus." And I can sing jingle
bells. At first my district was super impressed. They get less and
less impressed every time I do it.  On a side note, my district leader
is pretty much Bryan Regan. Haha sooo funny.

Okay, that's all I remember. So I hope ya'll have a Great week and
stuff and stay cool in all senses of word. It's still hot here.

Love Hermana May

Old District


My Companions and me at the Temple

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