Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Week in Garden Grove

September 29, 2014

This week was really good. It was super hectic with all the meetings
and and other little things we had to do, but it was good.

So on Tuesday we picked up our trainee from the mission home. Her name
is Hermana Johnson. She is from Utah, she is blonde, and she is cute!
I quite like her. And one of the best things about her is that she is
pretty much pre-trained. And that really makes my and Sister Vargas's
job very easy.

Garden grove is cool. I like it here. It's nice to finally have a
change. Although driving out here in the west part of our district
kinda feels like driving out to Wendover. Not that I've actually done
that,but I can imagine. It's a little sad though because I went from
only having sisters in my district to being the only sisters in my
zone. Oh well.

Tuesday was a day full of long meetings that are kind of the same
every transfer. So they get a little boring, but the new missionaries
have never heard them before, so I guess it's necessary. Then on
Wednesday we had to drive up to Fullerton for an eye appointment for
one of my companions. And right across the street was a little place
called the Curry Hut. Indian food for lunch! That made the day a whole
lot better.

And this week we got to watch Meet the Mormons. Pre showing. We cool!
It was good, kinda like a long Mormon message, but it was heart
warming and entertaining. Y'all should go see it when it comes to
theaters. Support the church and whatnot.

So we went to visit this lady who just got baptized because we needed
to finish filling out her baptismal record in time for the
confirmation. She didn't like Sister Johnson and I much. So she
wouldn't look or talk to us haha silly lady. But that's okay because she
had a grandson and he was adorable and kept bringing us all sorts of
toys, candy, and hand sanitizer haha then he brought me that book "Are
you my Mother?" And I got to read it to him. I like little kid books.
Anywhoo and then on Sunday they asked us to go in nursery for a minute
and this poor little boy was just so tired and just wanted to be held.
But of course we can't hold little kids because it's against the rules
and whatnot. So I just sat in the ground and he wrapped his arms
around me and cried into my shoulder, feet off to the side. It was so
sad. Thankfully the nursery teacher can hold them.

Speaking of holding things, I held a snake this week. Yep. I python.
It wasn't too big though and the owners said he was nice. I didn't
mind holding him until he started moving. Then I wasn't too pleased.

Oh p.s. We are going to the temple next week so you won't get another
email from me until next Thursday.

Missionary life is good though. Our investigators seem really cool
except for they won't come to church. Sheesh! You'd think we were
trying to pull teeth or something. But we will keep bothering them
until they start coming and decide that they like it. We are teaching
this family right now though, and they have a 12 yr old boy who is so
ready to be baptized. We were teaching the plan of salvation and were
on the part about Adam and Eve. And he goes "correct me if I'm wrong,
or maybe I'm just crazy but I remember reading this in the bible and
isn't there a snake that talks to Eve?"
"Sure is"
Man he is so smart and loves the scriptures and asked us when he could
be baptized. If only his family felt the same.

Okay well I think that is it for this week. I love you guys!
Love Hermana May

My Companions Hermana Vargas and Hermana Johnson


"Hurry and take the picture PLEASE! Python, Don't move!"

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