Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Round Two

September 21, 2014

This week was. . .a little bit unexpected.

I mean, at first it was a pretty normal week. You know find, teach,
testify and all that sort of jazz. Throw in a district meeting and
it's mission life on the regs.

Thursday though, it got a little crazy. In a good a way at first.
Sister Jones had an appointment with the chiropractor  so we walked in
there and the nice receptionist is like, "do you girls want to role while
you wait for the appointment?" I wasn't exactly sure what that meant
but I had an idea. I immediately started to nod my head. Luckily, my
instincts were spot on. She took us to a room where we laid in these
beds and this amazing thing rolled up and down our backs for at least
25 minutes. It was wonderful.

Then on our way home we saw an Italian market, and really, what kind
of people would we be if we didn't stop to at least check it out for
our lunch break. It was legit family. I bought a pizza and it didn't
even taste like normal pizza I've had before. The crust was really
thick and there was only a little bit of sauce and cheese and stuff.
Pretty good if you ask me.
Oh, I also got the package you sent me mom! And thank you Whiteside
family for dropping it off for me. Woot woot. Anywhoo- I loved it.
Especially the card. Thank you guys! I think I'm still your favorite
child. I won't tell the others. But I think they know. Awkward.

Oh oh and Mandy sent me a package this week too, which I loved! Best
sister ever award!

Anyways so then the day was as usual, once again. Until planning time.
You see there were leadership calls that night. Not that we were
worried, I had just sent my trainee home, sister Galicia had just
finished training, and sister Jones had just finished being trained.
And there are only two new sisters coming. All week our district
leader had been teasing us about calls, so every time we had to call
him that night he would ask if we got any calls and we would tell him
we got called to be the next Assistants to the President.  So 9:30
rolls around and we get a call from the real Assistants calling in
behalf of President Taggart. Sister Galicia, you have been called to
be a trainer. She accepted. Then he goes, Sister May you have been
called to be a trainer.


Ay ay ay.

Round two.

So we show up to the trainers meeting the next morning at 10:30, just
like our zone leaders instructed us... It was at 10:00. awkward walk
of shame. Luckily no one seemed to care.
Anyways so sister Vargas was also at the training meeting. Remember
sister Vargas? She was my companion for a week once and I loved her?
So the whole meeting I was like "please, please, please let me trio
train with sister Vargas. Please please please."
After the meeting, president came up to me to tell me he felt I needed
to train again and I'd be great and it and then he started to say some
stuff he wasn't supposed to, but then stopped and was like "you don't
know who you're going to be with next transfer, right?"
And I was like "nope, but you can tell me." So then he looks at me and
then at sister Vargas for a few seconds and then he says "you're going
to train with sister Vargas next transfer and then when she goes home
you'll get to do the last six weeks alone since you didn't get to with
your other companion."
I smiled super big. I love sister Vargas. Except for now I'm killing
sister Vargas in six weeks. Companion number four. Sheesh that's
almost one a transfer. I really am a serial killer.

And my new area is in the wonderful land of Garden Grove. Woot woot.
It's full of Asians. Half of the building signs are in Korean or
Vietnamese. I'll send pictures next week if that stuff.

This weekend was stake conference. So that was neat. We got to see all
the Spanish missionaries in the mission. And with only two hours of
church and no extra meetings, we had a ton more time in the day, which
sadly was spent packing.

We got some good lessons in with Patricia though. Hopefully we can get
her and her now boyfriend to stop living together. I think we are
really close. I hope she makes that decision. She is soooo ready to be
baptized. I've never met anyone who loves this gospel and has the
testimony she does.  She knows it's all true. She defends our church
to her family and friends and clarifies their skewed views of our
beliefs. I'm going to miss her.  I just want her to be baptized so
badly. Pray for her.

Oh mom. For Christmas I want banana bread. That's all.

So this morning our zone went to I-hop like we did last end of
transfer. Elder Pace didn't know what he started. Boy oh boy.

 Today has been soooo crazy trying to get everything done, so sorry this
late! I love you guys! HAve a great week.

Love Hermana May

Language study not always as effective as it should be :)

Our I-Hop group

Fruit is very refreshing on a HOT day!!

Spanish Market in Santa Ana

My Zone

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