Tuesday, October 21, 2014


October 20, 2014

We ate at the bishops house for lunch this week and his four year old
daughter is sooo energetic. I was wearing the locket you gave me mom
and she just loved it. The whole time we were sharing a message, she
just kept opening and closing it and playing with it and kept asking
who the people were in the pictures and what your names were. Then
finally she was like "did you make this?" And I said "no, my mom made
it" and she goes "can she make me one too? So flowers on the inside."
Lockets are a big hit with kids.

We found this nice lady this week and she told us we could come back on
Friday. So we did, but she was cleaning so we talked to some other guy
in her house a blonde guy with blue eyes and pretty white skin.  When
we first started talking to him he was like "are you guys Mexican?"
And we thought: Do we sound at all like we are from Mexico? His
Spanish was good, but is accent sounded weird and it was super hard to
understand. That's because he is from Italy, on vacation here.  And he
speaks Spanish with an Italian accent and occasionally likes to slip
in Italian words. He was cool to talk to, not interested at all, but
had some good stories and gave us some life advice and told us all
about how much better Europe is than America. After a while he stopped
with Spanish and started talking in English, which was almost as hard to
understand. He said I look German. I've gotten that a lot out here.
I'm not really sure what Germans look like. Normal is my guess, based
on Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf...

So Elvia did not get baptized this week. Why? Because all baptismal
fonts were booked. Too many people receiving salvation this weekend. :)
But that's okay because we don't think she is one hundred percent
ready yet. But hopefully in the next few weeks we can make it happen.
I'll keep praying.

We went on exchanges this week. I went up to the singles ward in
Anaheim with sister Pratt all by my lonesome. It was a good time
though. She is super sweet. Loves people like crazy and has more
charity than pretty much anyone I've ever known.

We made a fort this week! We probably won't take it down until we have
apartment checks. It's so sweet. We all sleep in it and eat in it and
do everything we can in it because life is 34 times better when you
have a fort.

The assistants called us last night and said they were emergency
transferring Hermana Varags for a week and half. The last week and
half of her mission. We all cried a lot last night and a little bit
today. It's not until Wednesday so we are all praying that something
changes and she gets to stay. I guess we will see.

Well I love you guys. I hope all is going well at home. I miss you and
love you!!
Love Hermana May

The Fort

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