Thursday, April 30, 2015

Traffic Rebel

April 27, 2015

This week was pretty good. We had some traffic violations this week...
We were at the stop light on a busy street and I was the second car in
line and there were two other cars in the lane right beside me. Well,
beside them was the turn lane and these kids were getting ready to
push their car because it was dead or something. So we all sat there,
fascinated and ready to watch and see how fast they could push it. So
the arrow turned green and they went. And we all went too, distracted
by these kids, then half way through the intersection I get honked at.
I looked up and saw that the light was red. Whoops. At least three
other cars did it with me. Luckily no cops were near by. I'm a rebel.

We've been working with this less active named Dante and he really
likes us! Which is great because by the sounds of it from his teaching
record, other missionaries haven't really had an impact on him. Yay
for prepared people! And so happy when you get to watch the prepared
people and experience it all with them. He's come to church every week
since we've met him and this week he is going to feed us! When they
want to feed you in this culture, that means that they really like

And my most favoritest convert, Irma is having some bad health
problems. Please pray for her!

So this morning I just developed this new found love for the
scriptures. They're so amazing! I was just reading and I found a verse
that I could apply perfectly to my life and a problem I was having the
day before and I just knew that Heavenly Father was talking to me. It
also made me think and appreciate just how much he wants to talk us
and often he does talk to us but we just can't see it or don't realize
it. It was great to see how much love he has for me too, because that
yesterday problem wasn't even bothering me today but he still let me
know he is aware of my situation and gave me the comfort and
reassurance that I needed. He loves us so much! The scriptures are so
cool when you apply them to yourself, so many answers and insights and
communication between you and God.

This week was Earth Day! Man, I love holidays, they're the best!
Sister Howard and I have been planning earth day for a month. We tried
to wear earthy colors and we did face masks! Everyone should celebrate
earth day. Everyone.

It rained this week too and so we took a break from studying and ran
around for a bit in the rain. Nature is great. I'm so pumped to watch
the planet earth videos when I go home. Best movies ever.

Today we made cupcakes for a lesson we are teaching tonight to the
cutest little girl. We wrote our review words in Spanish with the
exception for the occasional because I can't write that tiny and
English is shorter. But we are excited! I'm such a sister missionary
aren't I?

Anyways that was the gist of my week. I hope you're all doing well:) I love you!
Love hermana may

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