Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

April, 13, 2015

And it came to pass that in the commencement of the 5th week of the
transfer I could find nothing of great value to share with my brethren
in the land of my fathers. And thus, I shall find it sufficient to
recount in no great detail the proceedings of the week.

And now behold it was the custom of the members of the church to go
without food or drink and offer mighty prayer unto the Lord for one
Sunday each month. And it came to pass that by the end of this
fasting, my stomach did growl with mighty hunger, that it might be
consoled, yea, even with food. And it came to pass that my stomachs
great cries were answered as we traveled to the home of Irma, who had
joined the righteous men and woman of the church of God. And I was an
hungered and said: will ye give to an humble servant of God something
to eat?
And she went and brought with her food that she had prepared, and O
how she had prepared to feed us even unto the filling of our bellies
because of the dinner calendar which had been passed to all those in
Relief society prior to that time. And she did serve us Korean bbq and
quinoa. Yea and the rejoicing of my stomach was great therein.

And it came to pass that we also found an investigator of the church
in her home as she too was preparing food, that she might eat and that
she might give thereof to her fellow man at a celebration. And behold,
this was a miracle wrought forth by the hands of God, because of the
struggles that we had previously had in the finding of this woman. And
we did expound unto her the word of God and did exhort her that she
might read and ponder the words every day. And the spirit did touch
her soul, yea, and she did commit to do this thing which we had asked
of her. And we did praise God for the imparting unto us of His spirit
and we did offer up prayer that she might keep the commitment with all
the energy that she possessed.

And it came to pass that in the fifth day of the week there was a
meeting to be held at the office of the mission for those new
missionaries who had embarked in the ways of the lord, that they might
be trained further. And, now, when we had left our apartment to
journey to this meeting we found that our Steele beast was dead. Yea
and it would not turn on. After much labor and diligence we called
upon our sister training leaders, that they might take us to the
meeting. And they did speedily answer or cries. And it came to pass
that after the meeting had commenced we did take another car and
journeyed back to our apartment that might again jump our first car.
And behold it came to my rememberance the method of how to jump the
car. And behold our car did cease to keep running, even that we had to
jump it a second time and drive as speedily as the laws of the land and
the Steele beast would permit to the land of Orange to have the car
inspected. And it came to pass that on this journey we did name our
car "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" for the sounds which it did continue to
make tirelessly.  And we remained in the Chevy car dealership for the
space of two hours as we awaited the repair of our car. And after much
labor our car was restored back to its original frame and we did drive
home with safety.

And thus ended the fifth week of the transfer in the land of Anaheim

Hermana may

Proof of our homemaker skills! Yep, Spaghetti is so hard, we didn't even use a recipe!

some random crazy guy made us this bouquet of flowers that he
picked from random places and tied them together with grass. He sure
was crazy, but he's talented when it comes to flowers.

the humongous potato bug we found on Easter.

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