Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spider Sanctuary

May 4, 2015

This week was just dandy! Sister Howard and I committed to live the word of wisdom more fully. So we are drinking so much water and trying to eat all of our food groups every day and avoid sugar ... Except for twice a week. It's hard, but I've sure felt a whole lot better. I feel like I have so much more energy and I feel a lot happier too. Yay for the word of wisdom blessings! And now I feel more ambitious to do more active things. Like what? Like rock climbing. So excited. 

So last week before we started our whole word of wisdom shebang we bought hotdogs to see if we liked them now. So we roasted them over our stove and that was half the fun. And we do like them, so much changes on your mission...and your food standards kind of lower too. But don't worry we will eat our hotdogs sparingly. 

We finally got a member referral.  Only took 6 months. But we are sooo happy because this girl is awesome she is super prepared and we are teaching her in the members home and now she already has a fellowshipper and some one to answer her questions. Missionary work at its finest. Investigators progress sooooooo much faster when they're referred to us by their friends. So don't be shy to share the gospel. 

We visited a less active this week and he told us he decided to go to a different church and not visit him anymore. We were so sad. I've been working with this guy for 7 months.  But luckily right afterwards we went over to Dante (the one I told you about last week) and he was so nice and really understood and took in what we taught. And then he fed us. He bought three large boxes of pizza just for us. Holy moly, I was so full. He kept putting slices of pizza by threes onto our plates. Then he gave us chicken wings and then cake. And I wasn't hungry again for a very long time. We got a return appointment for a later time and told him we were going to bring  a member. So we figured we were safe from getting fed another second dinner. Wrong. He bought us KFC. Luckily we served our selves this time but he still made us take home the left overs haha. At least we know he likes us. 

AND another less active family came to church finally! It took so much work but they came. We were smiling the whole day long. 

Our apartment was invaded this week. Probably because it got hot but we had weird creepy unknown bugs and spiders all over the place. They broke the treaty we made long ago. We gave the bugs and spiders the back patio and decided we wouldn't kill them as long as they stayed there. But now? We probably still won't kill them because we're too scared to go on the porch but they will be killed if they come inside again. 

Well that's all I can remember so far about this week. I love you! Can't wait to talk to you! 
Love hermana May 

at church we gave the elders some cake and drinks we got from someone the day before and this is how we found it in the fridge. haha

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