Thursday, April 30, 2015

Swimming in Less Actives

April 20, 2015

This week was good.

Sister Howard and I worked really hard and got a lot of lessons
in. I don't know how, but we are just swimming in less active members
this week. I had 12 lessons and we didn't even try. Our goal was 6.
They flock to us. But at least we got some of them to come to church.
And luckily we still improved on all of our other key indicators too
so that was happy. But then we had transfer calls. And two new elders
are coming into our district, so now they're taking away the part of
our area where we had most of our other lessons and new investigators.
So we are both sad now we don't have people to work with. But we are
trying to be positive.

Last week two of our companionship goals were to be grateful and not
eat sugar. I guess yesterday was our splurge day because we ate a lot
of cake and complained. At least we were in it together.

We did some service this week. Helping people move. It was fun. Good
change of pace. And we played ninja with some cute little kids and ate
pizza so that was a good afternoon.

We met this crazy white guy this week too. I swear all the crazy
people we meet are white. I wonder why. But yeah at first I thought
maybe he was just having a hard day so we agreed to meet with him and
share something. But then

he kept leaving and coming back and getting
weirder. He gave us flowers so that was nice. But yeah after a while
we stood up to leave and he freaked. But that's okay. We left and
hopefully won't see him again.
We did meet a really nice Hispanic who gave us free snow cones. We
named him pepito because we can't remember his real name.

Well that's about all the exciting news for today folks. I love you!
And miss you!
Love hermana may

Here are the pictures of my old zone leaders who are going home
tomorrow and my old district leader, who is just weird.

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