Tuesday, February 24, 2015

English Class

February 23, 2015

So this week was pretty good. Except for both sister Johnson and I got sick! What's up with that. I haven't had a voice since Friday. I sound like a Banshee - which I'm sure how they sound, but if my imagination is spot on (which it usually is) than I sound like a banshee. Or like a deep voice on helium.   But it's makes it all the more fun and interesting.  A little harder to teach since you can't talk, but fun and interesting nonetheless. 

We are still teaching Irma- our golden investigator. We had to move her date though because she is getting surgery right before the first date we set, but she is super excited. She is getting baptized on the 22nd of March. She even announced it in good news minute in relief society. I'm so excited for her. And her daughter's mission president gave her permission to Skype when her mom gets baptized. 

So we helped with the Red Cross this week. We ran the snack table.  So that was super easy. Most of the people that showed up were Mormon because it was at a church. But this one kid came and we were talking to him and we asked him why he wanted to donate blood, and he said because it made him feel high. Haha. We just changed the subject after that. 

Also went on exchanges this week. It went well. I went to YSA again with sister Smith. I really like YSA. I wouldn't mind missionary-ing there. It was fun. Met a lot of cool people. 

So we are starting an English class for all them folk that wanna learn how we speak over her in Murkah (America...that's how you say it now days) so we were trying to find a program to use and there are a bunch of Korean Elders that teach English a few times a week in our church and so we asked them what they use. Wanna know? They wrote their own dang textbook. Yep. Over a hundred pages with cultural facts, grammar instructions and practices. Oh and one of them does digital designing so he just drew all pictures. Our old mission president had a publishing program so they used that and sell their textbooks to their students. o_O 
What? Sure it took them forever but they wrote their own legit textbook! Why are Asians so smart? Better question, why aren't I Asian. I feel like that would solve a lot of problems. 

We biked a trail in La Habra last Pday. Man. I'm out of shape. It was soooo hard for me. Every hill we came across tried to murder me. Two of the elders stayed behind me just in case I should die. Actually probably so they wouldn't lose track of me, but those poor guys. I was going so slow. They kept telling me how good I was doing. Which I guess was nice except for the fact that I obviously wasn't doing that great. Psh. Whateva.  They're going to do it again every week. Show up if you can. We don't have time this week but next week is already breathing down my neck. Maybe it'll be easier next time... Guess I'll have to let you know.

Anywhoo. That was my life this week. Super duper interesting. I hope yours is just as eventful and fun if not more. I love you! 
Love hermana May 


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