Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spring Fever

February 9, 2015

Any whoo this week was just swell. Kidney stones gone. Thank heavens. 

This week the weather has been wonderful. I feel like I have spring fever ... Which I'm not sure how that works since technically it's already spring here. Sun shining, seventies, light breeze, flowers in bloom. It's quite lovely. 

This week it was an elder in our districts birthday. I decided if I had a little brother he would probably be like this elder. We all went out to Cafe Rio and then to a Red Cross meeting so we can volunteer! Woot woot. Happy birthday to him. 

At one of our dinner appointments this week the member told us she was going to bring out dessert. She said she was going to feed us jam. We were confused, but not too worried. I was expecting her to just slab some jelly on my plate or something but then she brought out some sort of vegetable. I was so confused and then Sister Johnson goes "oooohhhh it's yams!" They pronounce their y's like j's here so that was confusing. We spent the next ten minutes trying to teach her how to say jam and yam. Good times. 

We had an appointment with Irma. She is golden. She reads the gospel principle book just for the heck of it and she already knows sooo much. And yes! She wants to be baptized but she wants to wait til her daughter comes home from her mission...in November. ay. We told her to talk to her daughter about it, so hopefully her daughter will tell her not to wait. Guess we will find out tomorrow

There was a baptism yesterday that I got to play the piano for because they couldn't find anyone else. It was good though. The lady who fed us for Christmas was there. She ran up to me and gave a me a burrito with lobster in it. It was actually just beans and cheese but ya just play along. Then she goes all excited. "Voy a casarme! Voy a casarme!" (Im getting married) (she was the one 63 yr old lady that was Dating the 27 yr old guy and kept calling him her precioso) so I was like "really when?" And she's like "oh. I don't know" and walks away. Haha she is kinda crazy but hey, at least she's getting married so she can get baptized. 

 This next week should be fun. Why? I'll tell you why! Tomorrow is zone conference and Thursday is my year mark and Friday we are going on exchanges and Saturday and Sunday are Stake Conference. I like it when weeks are busy.  It's a lot more fun. Not that it's boring other wise l . . . Well sometimes but that's the game of missionary work I suppose. Anyways. I'm looking forward to the next week. Oh! And it's Valentine's Day. Woot woot. Ps I got your package mom. The pink box made me happy. You da best. 

Okay well not much else to report. But I love you all! Thanks for helping me get through my first year as a missionary! Have a supercalifragalisticexpialadocious week. I probably spelled that right. 

Love hermana may

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