Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Pain-filled Week

February 2, 2015

So my week was a little painful.

So last Monday as you already know, mom, my stomach and my back were
hurting. And it wasn't just a tummy ache kinda hurt, it was an intense
kinda hurt on my insides. So I took some meds and tried to lay down,
but the pain didn't go away no matter which position I was in and
standing around sure didn't help either. But after about forty minutes
it went away and I was just like "huh, that was weird" and we went
shopping! But afterwards as soon as we got to the zone activity I
started hurting yet again and it was worse this time. So my companion
and the zone leaders made me call the nurse. She was afraid it was my
appendix (it wasn't) but the pain went away again.

Then on Tuesday, we were in pep boys for  f o r e v e r  and a day so
they could fix our tires, sheesh. And then the pain came back. So they
sent me to the doctors and what did the doctor say? Kidney stones. And
I don't know if kidney stones are hereditary or whatnot but if they
are, Dad, you're in so much trouble! Kidney stones hurt!

Wednesday was fine and then Thursday it hurt like a Harry Potter scar.
Good thing they gave me pain killers. Man I was soooo relaxed during
district meeting (on a side note Sister Johnson and I wore black to
our district meeting, because we are mourning our old district leader)
Afterwards I took a nap for two hours, which was nice. Anyways since
then I haven't hurt too much. Only hurts sometimes when I walk and
sometimes when I turn in a weird way... So I just don't turn in weird
ways anymore and I'm good.

Yesterday we met the coolest lady named Irma. She said every Sunday at
One she goes to her Catholic Church on the same street as our church
but today for some reason she just drove straight past it and wound up
at our church so she decided this is where she should be and she asked
to meet with the missionaries. Another cool fact, her daughter is a
convert and is serving a mission right now in DC! We have an
appointment with her on Tuesday. We are super excited.

Nothing too else too exciting. We taught a lesson to a drunk guy...so
you know that was odd as usual. Other than that it's been a pretty
quiet week because we haven't been able to do a ton due to stupid
kidney stones. Psh. Dumb.

Well I love you all! You're the bestest best family ever!

Love hermana May

It's a real place!!!

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