Thursday, March 5, 2015


March 2, 2015

This week was just swell. It rained, so that was fancy. 

I was still sick the whole dang week. I got a stupid head cold and I couldn't breathe out of my nose for five days. Ay. I just can't catch a break this transfer, can I? Hopefully I don't get sick this week too. 

Last week of the the transfer by the way. So if next week there's only a short sad email, it's because transfers are crazy. 

So not too much happened this week apparently because I just can't think of anything to write. Sister Johnson had a few funny moments though haha. I had an LSU shirt on and she made a comment about it so I said "maybe I'm an LSU fan." And then she goes "but I thought you were a Dodgers fan." Haha I just laughed for a minute. Maybe it's not that funny, but when you're a missionary, almost anything will crack ya up. Oh and the other funny thing she did this week was while we were at a lesson we had everyone write down two things they want to do in their lifetime and she wrote down "retire" guess that's her dream. 

We did a lot of service this week. We spent a half a day working on a yard of some house they're building completely by volunteers. So that was fun. And we volunteered at the Red Cross again which was kind of boring because you just sit there for a few hours and give people cookies and juice. We also went to the old folks home and we're talking to this little old lady who started telling us about her life, apparently she was a drug runner back in the day. Haha I love old people. 

Everything with Irma is going super well. She is still solid and we are so excited for her to be baptized. We started teaching about keeping the sabbath day holy and she was all "yeah I heard about that so last Sunday was the first Sunday I've ever gone without going out and buying something. It was a nice relaxing day." Haha, she pretty much taught herself keeping the sabbath day holy, we just read a scripture. So then for the commitment we just had to go "um...will you continue keeping the sabbath day holy?" Man, I just love her. 

So this week I re-realized how awesome prayer is. For real. Whenever I pray with real intent and make it sincere and all, God always answers my prayers. I've seen it time and time again for my entire mission. If I pray really hard that we can reach a goal and then actively do something about it, we always reach our goals. Just makes me wonder why I don't pray more about everything!

Anyways. That was my life as a missionary this week. Can you believe it's already March? Time is just flying by. Crazy crazy. It's almost Easter! I love Easter. I like every holiday. I'm especially excited for Memorial Day. 
I love you!
Love hermana May

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