Saturday, August 30, 2014


Okay so my week was kinda crazy. Kinda

So we went Laser Tagging last Pday and not to brag or anything but I
got third place out if my whole zone. So I was born to be a spy.
That's what's up. And I also ate Indian food that day. It was a good
Pday. Oh and we went to the eye doctor. And I found some nancy drew
glasses. Too bad I don't need glasses.

Um so then the rest of the week was just full of missionary work, you
know: finds, stalking, teaching, planning, that kind of thing. But
then on Thursday we got a call from President Taggart.
Him: hi is sister May there
Me: his president
Him: hi sister may. I'd like to extend the call of trainer to you for
a new sister that is coming in next week. Will you accept this call?
Me: ... Um ... Sure.


I'd be excited if I wasn't too busy freaking out. I just got out here.
I don't even know a ton of Spanish. How am I supposed to help a new
missionary learn Spanish? I just hope she's not too disappointed. So
yeah. I'm let nervous.

So, as predicted I'm staying in Santa Ana 11 until at least November
so I can train this sucker. But I'm cool with it. I like it here.
Luckily sister Noel will be here for two more weeks so she can help my
trainee with Spanish a bit before she splits. Yikes. I pick her up
tomorrow. Pray for me family. Pray real hard because I'm going to need

Other than that, as far as transfers goes, sister Vargas is now gone,
pretty much everybody is whitewashing everywhere, my twin Elder
Dougherty and my District Leader elder pace are both gone now, the new
peeps will come in tomorrow I think. Crazy times.

This morning we went to I-hop as a last district hoorah before
transfers at 11 so that was fun.  Other than that not much else
happened. We taught a Facebook class on Sunday. It was kind of a flop.
Share the gospel on Facebook people. Why? Because the prophet said so,
that's why.

Okay well that's pretty much all for this week. Y'all are pretty
awesome. Love you!

Love Hermana May

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