Saturday, August 30, 2014


Sorry it has been a while since we last posted Sister May's e-mails!  Life has been crazy, but we are settling down now and the last 5 weeks have been posted.  Just an FYI.

Lots of crazy things happening this week. On Monday, after zone
activity, sister Schobert and I hoped in the car all ready to go home.
We were in some park in Costa Mesa. I was like, "I'm sure I kind find
the freeway from here! It'll be an adventure, I'm good at directions"
boy oh boy was I wrong.  So we wandered for a while. I failed to
remember that there are many freeways in California. Was I supposed so
get on the 5 the 22, the 405, the 55, or the 75? I just didn't know. I
used common sense and didn't on the 75 because I was pretty sure that
one took us out of the mission, the 22 to long beach was north, I was
thought we needed to go south, and i didn't know where the heck any of
the other freeway entrances were. So we wandered a little more. Then I
was worried because Costa Mesa is one of the boarders if our small
mission. What if I had wandered outside of our mission? That's not
allowed. So I turned around and called our district leader. Some
people think just because it's their birthday they can take a break
from answering their phones. Or you, know it was just on silence.
Either way he didn't answer. So I called the zone leaders.
- hi, this is Elder Harvey
- hi this is sister May. I am so lost. I have no clue where I am.
- what street are you on?
- uh, Bear I think?
- um...okay hold on. (in the back ground: it's sister May, she's lost)
- hi, sister May, this elder Burrup, are you lost?
- I am so, so lost.
Luckily elder Burrup knows Costa Mesa really well. And they have a
GPS. So we pulled over, they found us and lead us to the freeway. It
was the 55 south I wanted. So they led me back to Bristol street. "Do
you know how to get to your apartment from Bristol?" -_-  bristol. Is
like three streets away from where we live. I may have been lost, but
I wasn't that lost. Sheesh!

Anyways on Wednesday we had zone conference. I was chosen to lead the
music, they first wanted me to play piano and I was like ehhh I'll
lead. So I get in on the stage to start leading and the sweet sister
playing the piano had no idea how to play any if the songs we were
supposed to sing. So I switched her last minute, so I guess I had to
play piano anyways.
Zone conference was good though. Learned some good stuff. Lunch was
good because I got to sit by all my missionary friends! Sister Galicia
and jones and both my old district leaders elder Thorne and elder
pace. It was so fun. We laughed a lot. My twin was lame though and sat
at a different table. I was still real excited to him though.

And on Saturday we went in exchanges. It was fun, sister huelet came
down here and we ate everything bad for us all day long, big ol
hamburgers, cookies, ice cream.  It was fun to talk to her. We had a
good day and the YSA elders passed us this really cool investigator.
She'll get baptized. Just you wait.

So we texted the Vilchis family, you know, the ones who couldn't be
baptized because they were moving to Utah? Well we asked them how Utah
and was and they were like, oh, we aren't in Utah yet. We are still in
California. So mad. They haven't even come to church! Geez, these

Sunday there was a baptism. We sang a song and stuff and then there
were tamales afterwards! Mmm. AND one of our investigators showed up
to the baptism. I was so happy.  She'll get baptized too. Don't even

Nada mas really. Unfortunately I don't think anything exciting is
happening in the next week so we shall see what happens. Hope you all
are doing well. Love you all!

Love Hermana May

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