Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Okie dokie. This week was cool.

Guess what? I'm in a trio right now? Yep. we got the
call that sister Vargas would be joining us for the next week until
transfers. So sister Noel and I set up A third bed and rearranged our
room so we could fit it and picked her up the next morning. Sister
Vargas is really cool. I like her.  She cooks a lot of yummy food and
she is good at making us work out and she is quite motherly if I do
say so myself. Ten bucks says she gets called as a sister trainer
leader this week. TBA.

Not a lot really happened. We got ten baptismal dates. That's a
record. At least in Spanish program so I'm told, so we were excited
about that. It'll probably go down this week since we have to drop
people. Such is the life of a missionary.  I also taught people,
studied, planned, slept, made a cake, got a new scar, cleaned, sister
Noel and I performed our Barbie song to sister Vargas. We've practiced
the whole transfers. We have parts and everything. Get on our level.

Oh so for weekly planning we make personal goals and such like you're
supposed to. . .  Well I'm not very good at personal goals as of late,
but don't worry, one of my personal goals this week is to do my
personal goals. I bet it'll work.

It's the last week of the transfer. Crazy! Quickest transfer of my
mission so far. Sister Noel and I just can't figure out if we are
staying together or not. I hope we do. She's cool. I also hope I stay
in this area. I love it here. The ward is awesome and we have such
cool people. I'll be so sad if I leave.

We are going to go laser tagging today. Booyah. I'm just going to
pretend like I'll get the high score. Then I'll always be a winner.
Winner winner chicken dinner.

Safe to say this is the most boring email I've sent so far? Just don't
fall asleep while your reading it. Could you imagine? Your head would
hit the key board which would blow your computer up from the inside
which would by connection start an electrical fire which would burn
the house down. And that's not a good idea. Especially if you have a
dog. So grab a five hour energy and you should be set.

Okay. Have a good week folks. Love you guys. Church is true. Missions
are awesome!
Oh, one thing I've realized on my mission that because of how limited
the music is, you'll jam to pretty much anything. Yep. I went there.

Love Hermana May

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