Saturday, August 30, 2014

Farewell Hna Noel

Okay so my week . . .

Oh boy. Some stuff will just be shared after the mission I think.

So mad. So we had is great family we were teaching. They were supposed
to be baptized a few weeks ago but they decided to push it back to the
tenth. So Wednesday we go over to their house and are like "you
excited for your baptism on Sunday?" And they're like "we are moving
to Utah tomorrow." Whaaaa? Geez Louise. So we were like. "Well we can
have a baptism tomorrow before you leave!" "No that's okay. We will
just wait."  Wasn't very happy with that family. All the time you
spend trying to help people be happier and they just don't want it.

Um. Wow this week. Don't even know what to say. We went finding on the
sketchy-it's street we can find in our area. It has it's own reserved
spot for the police haha. But apparently the gang people respect the
missionaries there so we cool.

What else, bought pizza this week.

Sister Noel goes home in Thursday morning. Her mom is very excited.
Posts a countdown on Facebook everyday. Yep. We're friends. I'm going
to be sad when she goes. Maybe president will let us drop her off at
the airport because it's in our zone. We will see.

Okay boring email. Yet again. Boy oh boy. I'll try harder to make
mentionable adventures.

Love y'all. Peace out.

Love Hermana May

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