Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quiero compartir mi santa cena

Okay so my week.

So funny thing. On Tuesday, before I picked up my trainee sister Noel
and I had lunch at a members house. We show up and she goes "oh I
forgot you were coming!" She is an old lady who kinda hobbles around
but is endearing. So she tells us to sit in the couch and says "I'm
just going to heat up the chicken" but instead on going to the kitchen
she walks out the front door. She we sit on her couch, feeling
confused. And half an hour later she walks back in with a smile and
KFC haha. We laughed a lot.

So then we go to the mission home to grab my "baby". Her name is
Hermana Schobert. However, she is Hispanic! That was an answer to my
prayers I can assure you. Now she can teach me more Spanish And I
don't have to try to teach her! Woot woot. She speaks Spanish better
than English actually so there's kind of a language barrier. But she
is sweet.

So we go home and we have a little bit of time to let her start
unpacking and she starts telling us about herself. So her first name
is in the Book of Mormon, so we read the verse it's in and sister Noel
goes "that's sick!" As in cool, awesome, etc. so then she goes "it's
to throw up?" Haha it was funny. Stuff like that happens a lot. She
doesn't really understand my jokes or puns either so she just probably
thinks I'm weird haha. Whateva.

The Lord loves me guys! It rained in Saturday night! Sprinkled really.
But it was exciting. I've been waiting to see rain since I got here.
Sister Noel and I were so excited we jutted jumped around in the
church parking lot. Sister Schobert didn't think it was anything
special. But just you wait sister Schobert, just you wait.

So remember when I told you about our bishops daughters testimony?
Yesterday in testimony meeting she got up to share it again. She
starts off saying "quiero compartir mi santa cena." Translation: I
want to share my sacrament. We all laughed. She keeps the ward awake
and entertained.  Good for her.

Training is going alright. It's a challenge but I'm doing my best so I
guess that's all I can do. We will see how it all goes. Missionary
work is the same as usual. Be member missionaries people. God will
bless. Oh speaking of blessings I finally feel like I'm getting the
hang of Spanish. Go sister May! Your prayers are paying off parents.
Keep praying please. I'm even using subjunctive now, so that's what's
up. Don't get too jealous. Jokes.

Okay well I love you all! You're great. Be holy and whatnot.

Love Hermana May

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