Tuesday, July 1, 2014


This week has been good. Strangely long again but what can you do. Um
we did lots of finding yet again. Pretty good at diving straight to
doctrine at doors now so that's what's up.

Had a crazy run in with a crazy former investigator this week. Anti
Mormons. Gotta love em. So we show up and he asked us what happened to
the boy missionaries so we tell them that we are the missionaries in
the area now. So then he grabs a bible and pulls out a scripture in
Corinthians that woman needed to cover their head when they preach and
pray or we were a disgrace to our husbands or God or something like
that.  Somewhere in Corinthians 11 I think... So he wasn't going to
take anything we said seriously because we weren't wearing veils. Then he pulls out all sort of
propaganda and keeps trying to trip us up. Tried to end that lesson
like five times before it actually happened. Sheesh. Man, then he kept
making fun of us. But it's all good. I was just trying not laugh the
whole lesson.

Also ran into a guy who told us we needed to pick ourselves up a
bible when we tried to give him a card about Christ.... I find it's
best to just smile and act dumb. Really works.

After ward choir we had a crazy lesson with one of our investigators.
We had two members planned to be in the lesson with us. The next thing
you know members kept piling in the door one after another. It was
like a clown car. Pretty soon we had eight members sitting in our lesson.
I had to pray for the strength not to laugh. We all sat in a circle
and they all shared their different opinions about the word of
wisdom... We will probably have to go back and clarify a few points.
But hey, now he has some friends in the ward.

Almost biked 28 miles in one day this week. But the mission office had
pity on us and gave us a loser cruiser to drive to our dinner in
Irvine. That was nice of them. It was a nice van too. I'd totally
drive that sucker in my future. So instead we only had to bike 12

But then the next day Hermana Noel got sick. So I chilled in the apartment
and studied and studied some more, painted my nails, watched Mormon
messages, cleaned, studied again. The missionary usual.

Our new mission president came in this week. He seems nice. Got some
pretty sweet mission stories from back in the day. His wife is nice
too. We had a meeting with him this week. So that was fun. Probably
already his favorite missionary. Whateva.

Found a Harry Potter wand this week. That was neat.

Nothing else happened. But I'm going to the zoo today. Woot woot.

Anywhoo have a good day and week and stuff and be happy!

Love Hermana May

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