Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Crazy Cars

My week was crazy. But interesting.

So Tuesday my companion and I were biking to an appointment and she
got HIT BY A CAR. Was knocked off her bike and everything. Good thing
she was wearing a helmet or it would've been pretty bad. But luckily
she was okay for the most part just really bruised and sore and in pain
and stuff.  So then that night we called up the line and got us a car
secured for the next day or so because obviously she couldn't bike. So
we got a car. She is blue and I named her Petunia. She smelled like
Elders gym shoes. We'll fix that real soon.

Yep. we drove into Anaheim to go to the doctor. He gave her
some serious pills and told her not to ride her bike anymore. Guess we
are in the car from now on. Can't say I'm disappointed. You have so much
more time in your day with a car and you don't get so nasty and
sweaty. And now we get to jam to some sweet church music. Yep. So I
drive us around because Hermana Noel is also not allowed to drive
while she is taking her meds.

Good times.

Fourth of July was fine I guess. Just like any other day in the
mission except for the night time. There were crazy fireworks all over
the sky. Latinos here are crazy about their fireworks. And Santa Ana
is full of Latinos. It was a good show. Beat that New York.

Also went on exchanges that night. I went up to Fullerton with Sister
Nnah. It was a good time. I ate so much food that day. But I got pizza
which I haven't had in forever and there's a member that owns a pan
dulce shop so we get it for free...couldn't help ourselves. Also those
sisters have a Mini Cooper so that was fun to drive around in all day.
Ran into some crazy white high teenagers bashing on Mormons. That was

We have a cool investigator Jaime. We've been working super hard to
get him ready to be baptized Sunday. Hopefully if everything goes
to plan it will be a success! I'm excited he is pretty cool.  We got
six baptismal dates this week! So that was exciting for us! Number one
in the zone. Get on our level!!

Favorite scripture of this week, you ask? Why, it's Alma 7:24 Me
gusta. I love the scriptures. Good stuff.

The zoo was fun... Farm animals are rare to come by here so it's
always a treat for you to see a cow and some chickens. Don't worry, they
had camels and monkeys too. It was fun though. All about the attitude
am I right?

Well.  That was my week. Crazy California. Well I'm having a good
time, it's cool to be able to see peoples lives change because of the
gospel. You can just see how happy the gospel really can make people.
That's how you know it's true. I get happier every time I decide to be
a little bit better at following Christ's example.

Love you guys. Have a great safe week! Don't get hit by any cars. It's
not so fun as it sounds.

Love Hermana May

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