Monday, July 21, 2014

Temple Trip

Wanna hear something crazy? So because of how transfers line up and
how I need to get home so I can start school/cosmetology and move into
an apartment and stuff, unless they send me home in the middle of a
transfer . . . I might be home right now in a year. Weird right?
Freaking me out. Stop talking about it, okay?

Okay so here is my week

So I had an interview with President Taggart. Probably his favorite
missionary. I'll be surprised if I don't get called as the next AP.
First sister AP ever so that's what's up. Well in reality it went well.
He said I'm good at keeping eye contact so that's that.

Oh also won a contest at our zone activity last week. Voted best pb
and j sandwich maker. I know that might sound sexist but everyone
participated so I can assure you that it was legit. Second time
someone told me I made the best pb and j's since I've been here.
Boom. So pretty much my future is set. Job wise. Who else can put best
pb and j maker on their resume? Plus I keep eye contact. Pretty much

This week though has been a roller coaster.Thursday was like the
best coolest day ever and we got so many things done and good numbers
and what not and the mission presidents wife came to a lesson with
us. Then the next two days were not good at all and everything just
about fell apart. What's up with that? One of our investigators,
Jaime, was all set and ready to be baptized. Then we heard some rumors
from the ward. Then we found out a few of those rumors were true. Then
we had to delay that poor guys baptism for a few weeks. Then he was
and is still is super sad but is trying to keep going. Bless his little

Note for all you people in contact with missionaries. Please answer
your phones or at least text back when the missionaries try to contact
you. Makes life happier.

You know what else makes life happier? Kids. So we were talking to the
bishop's son who is seven years old and is named Heleman and we were
asking him questions and this is what went down. (Keep in mind his
voice is super mono tone and he doesn't have facial expressions)
Us: are you going to go on a mission Heleman?
Him: yeah. I'm going to be the smartest, coolest one... Because I know
a lot. ... And my names in the book.
Him: I'm the smartest one in primary.
Him: you know who's in charge?
Us: who?
Him: (pointing to the ceiling for a good five seconds) God.

Little kids. Gotta love em!

You would NOT BELIEVE how into ward conference the good folks of Santa
Ana 11 get. Yowzah. Holy Hannah. It's crazy! So for their choir they
made all the woman matching sashes, the bought all the men in the
choir plus the bishopric matching ties and handkerchiefs. Oh then they
handed  out roses for all the men from the stake, bishopric, and choir
to pin to their suit jackets. It was intense. The programs were on
baptismal paper too.

It was my half birthday on Sunday. I received no happy half birthday anythings.
;) I'm just kidding, sheesh. Don't lose your head.

Oh and the reason why Pday is on Wednesday is because we went
to the  t e m p l e !
It was wonderful. I enjoyed every second of it. The temple is awesome!
Go to the temple everyday, all day. I wish we got to go more. It was
great! The spirit is so amazing in the temple. And you learn so much,
and re learn so much! It is such a great opportunity that we have,
especially in Utah to be able to go to the temple pretty much whenever
we want. It really is the house of God.

Yeah. So it was good.

Also as I was reading my emails just now in the church across from the
temple, who should I spot in the gym? Non other but Elder Kyler
Clemets! Oh yeah. Said hi. We still cool. Shoulda got a picture. What
was I thinking. Pull yourself together Sister May. Sheesh! Next time.
I have faith that there will be a next time.

Anyways. Such was my week. I love you guys!!


  1. Love your blog and you, Jackie!

    1. This is Kim Tafiti. I have no idea why it says unknown!