Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Catherine's Baptism

My week was pretty good. Pretty long too
actually but so I hear it goes at the start of a new transfer with a

So the party for our President and Sister Bowen was pretty great. (I
did not help plan it. Just showed up for the free food and
entertainment) there was a whole pig. It was gross. Yet fascinating.
Didn't taste very good though. Probably because they let the Elders
cook it. . .
So annoyed. 

Well it looked appetizing didn't it?

This week we went to eat at a members house. And this member always feeds us a mountain of food. Seriously. Enough to feed like a family of six. It's crazy. So we went to our dinner appointment with the other sisters and started eating the food she dished us up. The food is great, tastes good and all that jazz but there was soooo much. I couldn't eat it all. No one could. So instead of making ourselves sick we just didn't eat all of it. Bad idea apparently. She was not happy. She laid the guilt trip on thick. We need to be more grateful, we are being wasteful. It pains her heart that we didn't eat it all. We should tell whoever is feeding us to give us less so we don't waste food that others could eat (we asked her three times to give us less before the meal). She even started crying. I really did feel bad, but I really was full. So bad news: got chewed out. Good news: I understood it all in Spanish. Win in my book. 

Catherine got baptized this week!! Woot woot. It was all so cute. I'm so happy for her.  She was so happy and excited all day. Her whole family wore purple for her, her favorite color. Afterwards she bore her testimony. It was so good and so strong. Man I love that little girl. 

Sister Noel and I are getting along really well. We like a lot of the same things and have a similar sense of humor. So that's good. She is a really good missionary. I'm going to learn so much. Spanish, gospel, how to teach. It's all in there. 

We found some cool new investigators this week. One guy is so cool that he listens to classical music while he cooks and plays the piano all day on his day off. If that's not cool I don't know what is. I'm excited to teach all these new people. We just need to find members to go out with us. Biggest stress in my mission life. Go out with the missionaries family! Just do it. They will love you forever and you'll get blessings. 

Anyways. I can't remember all what I wrote you the first time. Sorry about that. But I love you guys. Hope that you have a good week and be safe and happy and stuff. 

Oh remind next week to re tell you about Pavolvs dogs. Hehe

Love Hermana May 

What did the lonely Spanish chicken say to the other? Necesite más apoyó (pollo) hehe 

Last picture with Pres.

We really like to make smores.


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