Thursday, May 1, 2014

Santa Ana Winds

Hola family!

 I AM ALIVE!  Narrowly. But alive nonetheless. Our Pday got switched
to Thursday because Monday we had some training thing to help
people apply for citizenship. Turns out we can't actually do it though
because of legal liabilities. Whoops.

My week has been pretty good though. We don't have a ton of
investigators. And we only have probably four that are really
interested. Hopefully. We have been having a hard time finding people
lately. Not sure what to do there.

It's getting hot over here. And windy. Darn Santa Ana winds. They're
hot winds too. It's very strange I'm not used to it.
Want to experience Santa Ana winds from the comfort of your own home?!
Here's how in just two short steps!
Step 1: make sure your home temperature is at a toasty 85 degrees or higher
Step 2: plug in your hair dryer and proceed to blow hot air on your face.

It's even more fun riding your bike in it. Sunglasses are necessary
now if you don't want dirt in your eyes. And let me tell ya, it's 10x
harder in the wind. Flat ground suddenly feels like nasty hills and
the hills we do go over? Ha psh. Yeah walked up em like a champ. And
now I've joined the family allergy club.  Let's just say riding a bike
with strong wind blows (pun 100% intended).

I'll stop complaining. It's not all bad.

One of our investigators got married!! So now he can get baptized!!
Woot woot. We were invited to the wedding so that was nifty it was at
the church and we helped decorate and everything. And I had to play
the piano for it. Didn't know that until it started but that's
alright. Happens in sacrament meeting too.

In other exciting news we found the only dog in Santa Ana that likes
him.  Probably has fleas but we don't judge. Dogs really don't like
missionaries. I've already been chased about three times since I've
been here.

Speaking of which it's already the last week of the transfer. Say
what? Crazy Crazy stuff. I know.

Well that's about as eventful as my week and half gets. Sorry for the
let down folks. Miss you guys though but hey I'll talk to you soon
because it's Mother's Day in a few weeks! Love you!

Love Hermana May

decorating for the wedding

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