Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Okay my week wasn't too exciting.
We went to help Sister Bowen write missionary names on the back of
photos. Wasn't any help. I don't know any missionaries since I'm still
pretty new haha. Oh well president bought us yummy sandwiches and
there were Sees succors. So ya know, couldn't complain.

We had referrals from church headquarters this week so they had an
appointment all set up so we switched around our other appointments.
And guess what? False address. Lame. That's okay we met a cool lady
who let us in. Not sure if she will go anywhere yet but she is letting
us come back so that's neat.

Yesterday we went to a baptism of one of sister Budges old
investigators. We got permission to steal the Elders car to go. So I
drove for the first time in like four months. Woot woot. It was
exciting at first but got old real quick. I let sister Budge drive on
the way back home. But the baptism was cool. Some white guy spoke and
man he looked so so familiar to a ton of us missionaries. Probably in
a Mormon movie, or one of the three nephites. One or the other . . .

Today for Pday we are going to an Elotada party thing our stake is
doing. It's like a corn on the Cobb thing. Don't ask me. I've never
been. But apparently they smother their corn on the cobs with mayo and
chilly and other toppings. Apparently it is good. I will let you know.
Pretty stoked though. Oh speaking of which- I ate cow tongue this
week. Not too bad. Not too bad. Luckily they cut off the taste bud
part of the tongue. It tasted like shredded beef that was just a touch
too mushy.

We only got two flat tires this week so we are really improving in that
area. They are pulling cars from our mission because we've been having
too many accidents. So I'm going to guess that they add to the three
sister missionary biking areas they currently have. Biking for life.

Tell Shannon congrats for graduating. If it's anyone's birthday this
week tell them happy birthday. Hey, it's dad birthday soon! I'll send
a card don't you worry.

Anyways have a good week! Love you all! Thank you for all your support!

Love Hermana May

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