Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Another week

Hay-o family

Alrighty so this week has been good. You know, since last Thursday.
You would call the mission office mom haha. Probably a lot of parents

Um . .  . Oh so sad! Our investigator Geraldo, who was talking about
the Angel Moroni moved! So sad. He was coming to church and our ward
loved him. Sigh. Oh well. We will refer him to the other missionaries.
I will miss him and his Christian dog.  Oh well sister Budge found us
new investigators while we were in exchanges.

Speaking of exchanges, I went on exchanges. I went up to Anaheim with
sister Byon. She is from Korea and is super nice. Yep. While I was
there I watched the Disneyland fireworks from my window and even saw
the top of the roller coaster and Ferris wheel in California
Adventures as we drove by. Too bad we can't tract in Disneyland.
It was a cool day though. I got to see a ton of my small mission
because sister Byon is a YSA missionary so they live all over the
place. And I got to experience a axe for the the first time on my
mission. And it was in the 90's that day so I kinda lucked out.

Santa Ana MUST have missed me a ton that day because when we drove
home there was all sorts if carnival stuff set up and street vendors and
mariachi bands and stuff. They celebrated my arrival back home well
into the evening. I'm mean yeah, I guess it's nice to be missed and
all but it was kind of over kill if you ask me.

When I came home sister Budge had bought me flowers! How sweet is she?

Accomplishment of the week? I can understand the Spanish gospel
principles book pretty darn well.

Raise the Roof

The language is coming though. Slowly. But surely. I can recognize how
much God is blessing me and will continue to bless me until I have it
down pat.

Well that's all for this week. Sorry not much to report on. I'll
probably have more to talk about next week. But then again maybe not
since I'll have just talked to you the day before...

Have. Great week! Love you all!

Love Hermana May

My pirate medallion

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