Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter

Alrighty. Not to brag or anything but this week was a-w-e-s-o-m-e awesome.
So last P-Day me and my fellow district sisters decided to go shopping
(bad idea). We went to Old Navy and found matching dresses on sale!
Woot woot. So we did what any sane person would do and bought matching
dresses. And then we wore them for district meeting and presidents

Get on our level.

Also my companion and I bought matching BIKE shirts (also on sale
don't freak out) because we ride bikes . . . And we liked the way they
looked. That's all. So we have a few matching outfits now. People gave
us really weird looks those days. But we also got a few comments. Good
conversation starter I guess.

Whenever we tell people we are on bikes they ask us if we've gotten
jumped yet. The English Elders told us they pray for us when they see
us riding at night... I don't know if they're just crazy or if we are
just oblivious but we haven't seen anything sketchy going. Plus we are
protected by the spirit. Come at us.

Just out of curiosity what does black mold look like? We have some
suspicious black spiky stuff growing on our door frame that Clorox
wipes just can't seem to get off. We sleep with our door shut now.

Our investigator Patricia is still doing awesome and she came to
church and loved it! She was born to be a Mormon.

Oh and something else amazing happened this week. We got to hear Elder
Andersen speak!! Yay! He came on Saturday and spoke to us all. Man he
is a super nice guy holy smokes. So that was cool. We had a lot of
cool speakers that day. Pretty edifying if I do say so myself.

And guess who was there? None other than Elder Kyler Clements. That's
what's up. It was so cool to get to see one of my best friends in my
mission!! We didn't get to talk for too long but we snapped some
pictures and talked about our missions and stuff and shook hands like
the missionaries we are.

So I got shake an apostle's hand and see one of my besties all in one
morning. NBD.

Also on that blessed day I got your Easter package Mom!! Woot woot. Me
gusta. Thank you very much. I was so happy. I pretty much stalked the
district leaders until they gave it to me.

Also convinced my companion to dye Easter eggs. Except for I
accidentally bought weirdo Easter dye so it didn't work out too well
but it kinda worked and we still ate them for breakfast so I guess
that's what counts.

Also last P-Day I adopted a Dog named Casper. Elder Dougherty paid for
it. Don't be annoyed that I document his life. We are just going to
have so many adventures He and I.

I really love Easter. I spent all my lunch and dinner hours yesterday
watching Bible movies. I just love watching church videos. They make
me see things in a way I never thought of before and they bring the
spirit so strong so fast. I am SO grateful for my Savior!  I know that
he loved me so much and knows me so well and is my best friend. I
can't even imagine what he went through but I'm so grateful that he
did. Christ is amazing.

Anyways you guys are awesome. Love you all! Have a great week!

Love Hermana May

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  1. I love how the Light of Christ radiates from your smile! And the twinkle in your eye! :)