Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Scripture Power

Okay so my week was a bit crazy. And I mean it was a really good week
but it was also a really hard week.

First off, whoever said that southern California had perfect weather
was a big fat LIAR. I've been bamboozled! Lied to! Deceive! "go" they
said, "it has perfect weather" they said. Psh. It's so stinking hot!
I'm 84% sure I'm melting. Slowly but surely. I used to think my
destiny was to be thrown into a volcano. Now? Now I'm not so sure. I
have a sinking feeling I will melt before that happens. I just don't
see the appeal. It's hot in the summer, super windy in the fall,
chilly and rainy in the winter (or so my companion says). Sure it
might be perfect in the spring but is that enough people?

Anywhoo . . .  we went to a members house for breakfast,
like we do now days, and we had decided to share the Because of a Him
video which I love so I was all pumped for it, I gave the few second
explanation before and started the video and I was sitting watching it
, feeling the spirit and feeling grateful for my savior and everything
and then it ended. I drew in a breath to start baring testimony, but
no. I was cut off at the pass. This lady just starts tearing me apart.
 "You shouldn't be sharing that with members, only with investigators.
I already know all that stuff, you need to be reading from the
scriptures or singing, yadah, yadah, yadah. - you should be speaking
more Spanish. You're not going to learn Spanish because you don't
speak it enough. You need to try to speak it . . .

It went on at least for a solid 5 minutes.

Her husband and Sister Budge tried to defend me. I was doing good, I'd
only been here for a Little while, she didn't even give me the chance
to testify.
My heart was pounding like I was being chased by a gorilla. I felt so
frustrated. I wanted to be like "Lady! You have NO IDEA how hard I'm
trying to learn your language. You have no idea how much I study
everyday, how hard I try to understand what you people are saying and
talk back, and how often in plead with Heavenly Father to help me be
able to communicate. I'm trying so hard, you cannot tell me I'm not
But i didn't.  Instead in bore the best testimony I could muster.

So after we got home I felt pretty upset. I started personal study
trying so hard not to cry because it shouldn't be a big deal. So I
started flipping through my scriptures and I thought "I just want my
Heavenly Father to comfort me". Okay. No joke. As soon as I finished
forming that thought I looked down and read the first line of 2 Nephi
8:12 "I am he; I am he that that comforteth you."
Um . . . What?
Man I just sat back in my chair. I never find scriptures that perfect.
Holy moly! God is so mindful of us. He listens to all of our prayers,
He knows all of our thoughts. He wants to be there to give us comfort
and the support and strength that we need. It just proves my favorite
scripture John 14:18 "I will not leave you comfort less, I will come
to you."
He totally did come to me and gave me comfort.
Man, I sure love my Heavenly Father and my savior. I know that they
love me and you guys too.
Scripture power people.

So aside from that cool experiment my week was still good but hard. We
got 3 flat tires on 3 different bikes in just 2 days. Yes. Sadly, even
Ronda was subject to this disaster. I was stuck riding Bill the
Broken, Blue, Boy, Back up, Bike. Bill loves alliteration.  I just
call him Bill for short. Who woulda thunken that Bill was the chosen
one. The only bike our of the four currently in our apartment that
would last the week. Needless to say we did a lot of walking this
But we found a new investigator who accepted a baptismal date while
walking! That's three for us this week! We go three baptismal dates in
an hour! GET ON OUR LEVEL!

Guess what? Some nice person bought us churro at Pollo Loco this week.
Anonymous of course. Perks of being a missionary. It made Hermana
Budge's and my day.

Went hiking last P-day. Not that you can really go hiking in Southern
California, or at least where I am. Just some dirt hills in the back
yard of lots of rich people. It was torture having to look at their
swimming pools. Pretty sure I get dehydrated everyday haha. Oh well.

Yeep. That was my week. I miss you guys but I'm glad I'm here, I hope
that you have a good week and are safe and all that stuff. I love

Love Hermana May

Mother's Day

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