Thursday, June 5, 2014

Finding Time

This week was missionary-ish

Not really sure what to write about. I had my first Hispanic style
elote. So that was neat. Corn on the cob with mayo with parmesan
cheese with chili pepper. It was pretty good if I do say so. We just
spent most of Pday at the park playing around and eating and talking
with members and stuff. It was a fun Memorial Day.

None of our investigators are really progressing right now so we are
going to have to do some serious funding this week. Well, we have one
progressing. Her name is Catherine and she is 8 almost 9 and her mom
is a member who we are re activating. They are the people whose
wedding we went to a while ago. Remember?  Anyways. Catherine is
getting baptized on the 22 and I'm so excited. She is so cute and so
excited. Yeep.  She is cool.

Oh we had exchanges this week. I hung out with sister Holzer from
Bountiful Utah. You'd be surprise just how many people out here are
from bountiful sheesh. Anyways. She is very nice and pretty quiet. We
stayed in my area this time and so I had to A TON of Spanish speaking
all on my own since she didn't really know any of my investigators.
And she's quiet. But that's okay. I totally know and understand
Spanish more than I thought I did. Given there are still a few people
out there who just talk so fast and have accents I'm not used to or
talk so quiet. So I just nod and change my facial expressions
depending in what I think they're saying.  So yeah. I know that The
Lord helps us when we need Him. I prayed super hard to be able to
speak and understand and he blessed me with that. Just have to have
the faith to dive in and go for it and He will make sure we accomplish
what He has asked us to do.

The missions turning me into quite the little rebel. I drink my milk
from the carton some days so that's what's up. AND I chew gum all
morning long through studies. I'm bad to the bone.

Anyways like I said most if our investigators shafted us. Lame. Yeep
so finding it is. Cant remember what else happened this week. Met a
cool lady named Norma who seems interested but her family is very
catholic so we will see how that goes.

Other than that I finally bout me a hippy headband and did a face mask
with sister budge and ate a butterfinger on Sunday. I know know so
excited. Can't help it. Just try not to get too jealous.

Yeep well I hope y'all have a good week. And be safe and happy and
stuff. Love ya!
Love Hermana May

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