Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conference Watching

Okay so my week as been pretty good. I get discouraged about Spanish
every now and then but I keep plugging along.  All the people we teach
are Hispanic. A few of them like speaking English better than Spanish
but for the most part we speak Spanish to the people.

The food here is pretty good so far. Lots of food I've never had
before. The members feed us dinner almost everyday. Breakfast and
lunch we just eat cereal or salad or something like that and pretend
like we are healthy. Which is kind of a joke at this point.

There was this one cool guy we met this week. He was really excited to
get a Book of Mormon because in his town in Peru there is a legend
that a while ago this Angel with white skin came and talked the
village about commandments to keep and he said his name was Moroni, so
this guy heard that there is a person in the Book of Mormon named
Moroni and has been looking for one ever since. We are going back to
teach him tomorrow.

Oh man volleyball follows me everywhere. It's what my district always
wanted to play in the MTC and that's what my zone here wanted to play
last p day. Sometimes they tell me that i can just throw the ball over
the net because they know I won't make it over the usual way. But I
decline because i ain't about that life. Man lets just say volleyball
and me aren't friends.

So guess what? Because the Irvine (kylers mission) mission is only
English the Spanish missionaries in my mission take over some of the
people there. So we had 2 dinner appointments in Irvine last week. One
of which we had to bike to. Seven. Miles. One. Way. Let's give a
moment of silence to all the calories that were lost that day.  Thank
you.  Luckily the next day we hitched a ride. I keep hoping to run
into kyler but no such luck. Oh well.

Conference was good. I paid a lot of attention and was very grateful
we got to watch it in English. And we watched it in a church so that
was different but cool in all senses of the word.

Well that's about it for my week! Love you guys!!

Love Hermana May

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