Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Um yeah so the weather is fantastic. I know it'll get hotter but I
don't want it to. My companions name is Hermana Budge. She is pretty
cool. She is 23 and from Utah. We get along really well and she is an
awesome trainer so I really lucked out.

I am in Santa Ana 11 central. My area is teeny tiny but there are A
TON of people here so it's all good. I live in downtown Santa Ana.
It's pretty cute. I still haven't taken pictures of the area but don't
worry I will.

Before we get to the other stuff, YES!  I felt the earthquake. It was
amazing. I have felt 4 since I've been here but only 2 are worthy of
mentioning. Yeah so me and my comp were sitting at our table planning
when all of the sudden our building starts to shake. At first I was
confused but then I got really excited. I got this huge smile on my
face and was like "yes!!"

I know.  Wrong reaction.

I still loved it.

After a few seconds we decided to get under the table but it was still
exciting.  The next earthquake we felt was during a lesson. Haha.
Awkward. Whatever.

I decided earthquakes are cool as long as they don't destroy anything.
Especially the temple .. . Or Disneyland. Don't worry.  I have my
priorities straight.

Anyways the area is good and the members are great. Guess what though?
I got a bike. Snap. First I thought that I wouldn't like it but I do
now. It's way easier to talk to people on a bike. My bike is short and
red and I named her Ronda.  I love her. And I'm positive I look
ridiculous riding it but that's okay. I try to not to be jealous that
my companions bike has the sweet hook ups like a water bottle holder,
bell, and basket .. .  But Ronda is twice the bike my companions bike
will ever be so whatever.  I think the reason why Ronda and I are so
close is because of all accidents we've almost been in. Maybe you guys
should start praying that I don't hurt myself. For real though. I'm
still building bike expertise so I'm not that coordinated. The first
day no exaggeration I almost crashed over 10 times. It's gotten better
though. Only like 3 to 5 times a day now. Just image how good I'll be
next week.

Scariest moments on a bike?
Picture this: SKINNY sidewalk, underpass, and a big ol' semi about five
feet away from you. Welcome to my life.
Another scary moment was when we were crossing train tracks. I had
just crossed the first set of train tracks and was heading for the
other when the bells started going off and the bars coming down. As
you can imagine, I peddled my little heart out.
 My muscles better rock after 12 weeks of this. Biking got a lot
easier once I realized I was in the highest gear .. .

Other than that I got an I pad the first day here.  Makes everything
so much easier as you can imagine. I didn't even have to find a
computer to email home. And our area book on this thing is easier to

Thanks for sending my the stain stuff mom. Already saved my life. Dang puddles.

I had to bear my testimony in my Spanish ward yesterday. I just let them
know that it was my first week and my Spanish sucked then we were all
on good terms. Luckily it doesn't scare me to talk to anyone in
Spanish. Sure, i feel kinda stupid while doing it.. . But it doesn't
bother me and that's what counts I think.

Anyways dad I think you would like it here. They have every other car
you look at online.

Well I love it here so far. The people are amazing and it's fun to
teach people.  I feel like my testimony has grown just since I've
been here. I'm so lucky to be a missionary and tell people all about
how much God loves them. The church is true!! Love you guys!

Love Hermana May

Hermana Budge

Me and Ronda

Last District

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